Crystal SVG skin for aMule
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aMule port from Everaldo's Crystal SVG icon theme:

Depends on: aMule 2.2.

1. Download the file to skins directory of aMule ($HOME/.aMule/skins). If not exist, create it.
2. Run aMule (or restart it if it is open) and go to Preferences → GUI Tweaks → Select "Enable skin" checkbox → Select "*crystal-svg*" skin → click "OK".
3. If aMule doesn't load any Crystal SVG Client Image, restart it.

* Please note that all icons are not skinnable, because aMule does not allow it.

Skins - aMule Project FAQ:


7 years ago (May 4 2009):
- New Toolbar_Blink.png icon.
- End update (see Oxygen skin for aMule:

0.1.80 (2008.11.08):
- Added Client Images from mischamajskij's Tango skin (v2.9) for aMule, for don't show the ugly icons of the old main skin.
- Updated Toolbar Blink icon.

0.1.1 (2008.03.11):
- Updated some icons from the last Crystal SVG icon pack.

0.1 (2008.03.08):
- First release.
- Only toolbar icons.

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