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Conky System Bar For conky 1.10 ONLY!!

System Info widget for use with Conky
by debianmainuser (07/11/2015)

Based off of Basic V0.7 by Moob (20-10-2015)
This widget draws the Wired Conky interface to display system information

Used some mods from soundrolf (system tab)

Start conky with -q to get rid of conky statfs64 messages when a usb stick/disk is unmounted.-
Prerequisites : lm-sensors, Conky version 1.10.0

debianmainuser Modified function: conky_wired_tab_system for system info-- OS, Kernel, CPU Type & Speed.
07/11/2015 Added: conky_wired_tab_cpu_temp & gpu_temp for CPU temp & GPU temp. Locked CPU Load & Temp to 4 CPUs
(modify if you need less info)
Added: conky_wired_bar_temp to support temp bar functions. (replaces % with C. 100 = 100C)
Removed: Battery tab (for desktop use only)
Removed: Radio tab
Added: semi-transparent surrounding box to allow monitor to be seen with any wallpaper
Changed: Default font type - added new color purple
Sized for 1920x1080 window (change max height below for smaller monitors-designed for Gnome3 top panel use)
More notes are in the System_Bar.lua


Just drop the .conky & .fonts into your /home & then start with the
You can startup everytime by adding the startup script to your Startup Applications..

chmod 755 ~/.conky/ if you need to.

And modify this to whatever you want...PLEASE CREDIT the authors (Moob, soundrolf & debianmainuser) if you mod & repost this.


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