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A simple modern single color theme with elegant buttons. You can use and change color of the theme the way you like.

There is also a version for 4k HiDPI displays and an XXL version (with larger titlebar) for touch screens.

There are 2 versions of an older release (version 1.3):
- OneColor
- OneColor Linea

If you are interesed in XFCE version of this theme, just follow this link:

Last changelog:

2.4 9 months ago

* XXL version released


6 months ago




11 months ago

Very nice. The instructions are good too - and I appreciate it that the theme has been made easy to customise. Good stuff.



2 years ago

I like this a lot. Is there any chance you could add a Purple set? Something like the HTML color #713ddb. That would be super sweet to use!




2 years ago

Here you are. Beginning of version 1.3 there is the violet version of the theme included. Anyways you can create your own colored theme you want. Just read the "README (easily customize your theme)" file which is located in the themes' archive. ;)



2 years ago

I haven't tried it yet (I dont use metacity themes very much) but seems cool. I like the Polaris theme too on your site... Can it be updated too? I'd like to see an ubuntu or gnome 3 theme based on it...


2.4 9 months ago

* XXL version released

2.3 10 months ago

* Gradient line of maximized unfocused window removed (only OneColor version)
* Title underline of unfocused shaded windows removed (OneColor and OneColor 4k versions)

2.2 11 months ago

* Title and icons color of pre-colored themes is corrected

2.1 1 year ago

* Version for 4k HiDPI displays created

2.0 1 year ago

* Gradient line was changed to Android underline
* Unfocused title color changed
* Utility window buttons are bigger
* Linea version development was dropped
* New version is released under GPLv2

1.3 3 years ago

* Pressed buttons changed
* The theme uses more colors from GTK+ color scheme
* Several fixes

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