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Vista Black Basic is a awesome black Vista Metacity theme, which is built on Vista Basic.

All what I did was to change some colors and edit images used in GIMP, but in the end the result was great!

It is my first time to post a theme, and it is the first release of Vista Black Basic, therefore if you find any glitches or errors please report them to me through comments!

In addition to all that put me your suggestions, proposals and request for any help in the comments!

I promise to post on my blog updates, tutorials and extra stuff for this theme and other future projects!

Of which is the Vista Black Basic gtk which you can see in the screenshots, but I am still having some problems with Firefox and Open office, and will therefore fix them before posting it, but hopefully that will only take a few time!


9 years ago

Fantastic effort, but err... why would you want Linux to look like Vista?

Good work all the same!



9 years ago

Uh err.. maybe because some of us like the UI of windows but prefer linux as the host os?

stock gnome themes are ugly. most the custom themes are mac osx-like, uglier than gnome themes! As a windows AND linux user I much perf the vista-like themes for my UI.


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