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A shameless rip-off of BlueMenta from the Mate project. (https://github.com/mate-desktop/mate-themes/tree/master/desktop-themes/BlueMenta) It also uses the Zukitre window decorations from the Zuki Themes project: (https://github.com/lassekongo83/zuki-themes)

The main purpose of this theme is to make the scrollbars usable for those users who do more than just look at them. The ZukiBlueMentaTraditional scrollbars are slightly wider, square, and have the traditional stepper arrows, unlike the vast majority of GTK3 themes. It also adds identical window controls for GTK3 apps that have client-side window decorations.

The GTK3 theme is compatible with GTK 3.14.

This theme also includes a well-matched GTK2 component, which **requires the Murrine engine for GTK2**.

The screenshot shows GTK2 on the left and GTK3 on the right.

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4 years ago

1.1 = made progress bars square

1.0 = initial release

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4 years ago

1.1 = made progress bars square

1.0 = initial release

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