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my very first trial for a theme I like. So I have to apology for any things that may not work or look ugly or things I did plain wrong, as I have learned most things up to now by trial and error.
The basis was the Ubuntu 10.04-Ambience theme in which I changed a lot of colours obviously. So I hope it will work okay for anybody else with 10.04 and will look like in the screenshot.
Addionally I took the general brown tone from another theme I unfortunately can't find anymore (apart from a screenshot I still have), so I can't give credit here, sorry.

Also, there are still quite a few problems with this theme, regarding "un-fitting" colours. For example, the blue links in the help-viewer and other apps are awful, but upto now I didn't find a way to tweak that. So any suggestions or hints are highly appreciated.

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8 years ago

0.1 - initial release to the public

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8 years ago

0.1 - initial release to the public

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