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6 MistBased GTK themes, with more than70 colour schemes for gnome-colour-chooser config tool.

The idea for these themes where for having a simple and minimal available (of course those people loves fancy themes will not enjoy this one...), as well for making more popular the recent feature of applying colour schemes on Gnome themes, which mostly Gnome users still don't know how possible it is.

Were also a concern being somehow not that far to the Motif-based decorations used on Irix, as well for being the most compatible as possible for the .gnomecc values used from gnome-colour-chooser (which there are very hard to find themes so compatible as this one).

(voting or not, please comment the reasons, about what/where must i improve it - as well, please be fair on only voting these themes as bad only after trying some .gnomecc files before with gnome-color-chooser ;-) )

As well, be welcome on making your own .gnomecc files, and if you want, please share them with us! http://gnomecc.sourceforge.net/forum/index.php?board=7.0

All comments are very welcome! :-)


9 years ago

Good the see the mist engine getting some attention again.




9 years ago

thanks! btw, all themes you may know looking alike, that minimalist, please let me know! i really love themes like this!


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