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I like the Ambiance Flat Purple Theme, but what i dont like about it is the darker background in the menubar and the xfwm theme.. so i fix that an change the color of the menubar to the same as the normal GTK Background - and also i take the Axe xfwm the, mixit with the Ambiance flat an change the color - you name it: to the same color as the GTK theme. Now the theme for my eyes looks as clean as the Breeze GTK theme (whitch i like a lot, but is blue and not Purple, and i love Purple)

The Theme Includes:

- the GTK 2 theme
- the GTK 3 theme
- the xfwm theme

i hope you like

please: if you found any bugs, tell my, its my first try to modify a GTK theme :)

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Version 1.0

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3 years ago

Version 1.0

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