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This is an interesting dark theme contrasting black/dark gray against icy-blue with gold highlights (or hilite in flux terms). It started out as a tweak to an existing "Bedtime" theme and ended up with redesigned pixmaps from tenner's carbonium_blue theme.

At least for my eye, it flowed together well enough to contribute it to the community at large. One of the neat effects of the theme is the gold title with black shadow offset against the verticle blue-black window gradient that gives the title somewhat of a 3D effect. See what you think :p

The font is your normal 'sans' font so nothing special is required.

Install it like you always do. To install it as a user theme, just:

tar -C ~/.fluxbox/styles -xjf dcrBlackIce.tar.bz2

For a system wide install (as root):

tar -C /usr/share/fluxbox/styles -xjf dcrBlackIce.tar.bz2


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