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First of all: all credits goes to : ~DanRabbit (http://danrabbit.deviantart.com/)
The original Elementary Theme is here: (http://danrabbit.deviantart.com/art/elementary-gtk-theme-83104033).

I was made some changes on some components and colors to meet my personal taste, so I will not blame you all if you realy hate this mod :D, this is about taste-things.

Here\'s the changes:

1. Recolor the scrollbar to Selected items background colorscheme.
2. Nautilus Elementary zoom slider now use murrine engine. the original was pixmap.
3. Change check/radio buttons & make them smaller.
4. Smaller statusbar & toolbar text size.
5. Smaller gnome main menu icon size.
6. Progressbar now squared & recolorable to Selected items background colorscheme.
7. Add space between tabs and make their round value smaller

#Please take a look at priview image.

Please don\'t be hesistate to leave a comment.
Hope you enjoy it.



8 years ago

But in the LibreOffice apps, the slider is missed ! any hint?


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