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Skoot (SuperKaramba Object-Oriented Extension) 0.1-pre1

Copyright Matthew Kay 2003
Licensed under GPL

What is it?

Skoot is an extendable, object-oriented API for SuperKaramba. This is a pre-release version. Comprehensive API documentation is available at, however there are no tutorials or formal example themes available. The only theme provided, skoot-test, is a testing/debugging script I used during development and is barely commented. I would suggest taking a short look at that, but your main guide should be the API docs mentionned above (they should be quite extensive).

This release is more of a "get-it-out-there" type of thing, to get some feedback. It is also meant to assure SlickBar users that there will indeed be more SlickBar stuff, with more features, based on Skoot (Resizable panels, skins, and "pressable" buttons are some new features that Skoot contributes to).

NOTE: THIS IS NOT MEANT FOR END-USERS. This is for SuperKaramba DEVELOPERS. Take a look, feedback is welcome :).

Last changelog:

15 years ago

- Oct 11 2003 - 0.1-pre1
* initial release.


12 years ago

Thanks for the job, I was just thinking to make it !



15 years ago

nice. i hope we see some very nice superk themes in the future using oop


15 years ago

- Oct 11 2003 - 0.1-pre1
* initial release.

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