Islamic Prayers Time

Karamba & Superkaramba

Source (link to git-repo or to original if based on someone elses unmodified work): Add the source-code for this project on


Thank God I was able to finish very simple program
which can Help the user to know prayer times. This
program depending on ITool and libIt both are provied
by many thanks to them for those
excellent tools.

Requirements :

* ITL library
* ITL tool

both are available on (

Configration :
* go to file ( to change city, Latitude and Longitude

ToDo :
In shallah when I have more time I will do:
* adding configration.
* adding Azan sound when the prayer time comes.
* make it independent.

Future :
** Make Islamic calendar theme.


14 years ago

Assalamu alaikum ya ikhwan

I have installed the dependencies and this theme, but can't find the file or any other config file.

ATM it say it is displaying the time for UAQ, but how do I change it to my time? (BST or GMT from tomorrow)




14 years ago

its good..



14 years ago

Thank you brother ...It's so helpful .
Don't care about what this guy saying & as you said one day the theives will bring back what they stolen ( they already know they are theives but trying to change the truth)& they just took a small lesson from just a few men with a few guns , I wonder what they will do with ALLLLLLL the people who lost their kids , brothers , sons , sisters & mothers when they ask for revenge.
Anyway you did a great job & thank you again.




14 years ago

Guys ........!!!!

please stop this I do request each of you to respect other's religion and beleives.

limit you comment to the theme and don't start other issues.




14 years ago

It needs an option to allow them to set appointments.

8:00 am Hide behind children while shooting jews.

3:00 pm Jihad practice (Topic: How to bomb jewish schools in 3 easy steps)

5:30 pm Kidnap civilians

8:45 pm Beheading



14 years ago

hey, are you jewish ..?

then tel me how many innocent civilians have you killed since (1964) 2 million sorry to be accurate 1.99 million 60% of them were children. Well all off this is past .....let us see maybe you can improve the relation with Palestinian after all this killing..... but hold on how many boys below 14 do you keep in your prisons 50,000 or maybe more ... Ok I don't think this is a big deal they will still forgive you ... oh you still killing innocent civilians .... you kidnapping civilians .... umm still taking Palestinian homes and lands to build house for new immigrants (by the way this is not steeling) ..... do you still follow stupid leaders (that dose not meat the follower has to be like the leaders ) ... sorry no chance maybe next time

One more question
Why do everybody heat Jewish?

Finally ... :)
Soon or late you will have to give back what you have stolen ......

best regards,




14 years ago

Thanks brother, that's very useful theme for me.


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