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Source (link to git-repo or to original if based on someone elses unmodified work): Add the source-code for this project on opencode.net


This is my first public project, please forgive some mistake......

Dont know how to register as a GPL Licence, but you can consider as GPL.
If nothing more tha say that is necessary, then the licence is already GPL


karamba_odin.theme is a theme that will display:
amount of free memory...
floppy usage....
cdrom usage...
cdwriter usage...
ppp0 input and output...
and allow you to:
mount, umount, format(FAT) and open floppys
mount, umount, open and eject CDroms
mount, umount, open, eject, blank(CDRW), and udf format a writable CD (still not implemented)

Of course you can change this to your need, some entries can be deleted and othes added to the theme.

pictures: most pictures come from KDE. The bar and menu button are of my own.

scripts: (all bash)
config: basic configuration of the devices
check_mountpoint: (bad name) it check if the device is mounted and return the correct icon name
format_floppy: kdialog for a confimation and so format the floppy
menu: the menu of karamba_odin (kdialog)
mount_umount: mount or umount the device
open: uses konqueror to show the mount point. It will mount if not mounted.

except for config (it is not really a script, only configuration), all scripts are run as:
menu floppy
format floppy1
open cdwriter1
and etc..
the remain information about floppy, floppy1 and so is at config.

Bunzip and Untar the file in your home, this will create a karamba_odin dir.
run karamba karamba_odin/karamba_odin.theme, and you are done.


17 years ago

I can't get this to work :(



18 years ago

You don't have to really "register" to distribute under the GPL. If your work is not derivative (i.e doesn't include anything from karamba itself) then you'd simply include a copyright notice a long with a copy of the GPL with your package in a file typically called "LICENSE". If your work is derivative of Karamba (not a lawyer, and haven't seen your code, so couldn't really determine that for you) then your theme is already under the GPL via Karamba's copyright. I think what you may think by "registering" is registering the copyright itself with the federal government. That step in itself is actually unneccessary, and only helps resolve IP conflicts. What most people don't realize is that under a civil law, a copyright notice in itself is sufficient enough to "copyright" any given work.


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