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This is a theme for making short notes or a list of tasks. To add a task, mouse over the bottom of the theme and a text box will appear. The text box disappears when you are done, allowing the theme to remain clean and translucent. Middle-click on a line to remove it.

In order for this theme to work, pysqlite needs to be installed on your system.


14 years ago

don't listen to these naysayers! this is a sweet theme. yes, there are already a million and one full-fledged note-taking apps for KDE, each with more features than the last. but i don't want to run another app just so i can have a box that says "buy milk" on my desktop. i want something simple and pretty, and this theme is EXACTLY what i've been looking for. and i don't know what richb is talking about, but adding this theme to my desktop had an almost nonexistant impact on mem/cpu usage. not so for knotes.



14 years ago

I suspect, there's going to be some head-wind for your applet from knotes and korganizer user crowd. :)

Don't despare, this is a very cool app.

2 things to think about:

- consider parsing and using actual iCal files for "to do" items. If you manage to create add / view functionality, people using Korganizer / Kontact will be immediately in your camp.
(There are a number of ways to read iCals. Look for dbKalendar, or Milo Calendar for the iCal.py library)

- Don't give up, this is a worthy effort.



14 years ago

Why bother when knotes does the same thing with more functionality and less overhead.




14 years ago

That is a valid question, perhaps I should have put some of my answer in the description...

A) First and foremost, just because I wanted to learn how to make a Superkaramba theme ;-)

B) I prefer something less visually intrusive than KNotes. I could change the background color of KNotes and add a rule to have beryl add translucency, but I wanted something that looked the way I wanted it without tweaking things.

C) I plan to take this theme in a slightly different direction than KNotes. KNotes is very general-purpose (and very full-featured), but my focus is on maintaining a list of short items. I plan on adding more features to this end such as drag-and-drop reordering and being able to associate a deadline or time of event occurrence with each item, which would quietly alert the user as the deadline is approaching (such as a little circle that would turn from green to yellow to red)


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