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Nice, simply system monitor, used in this icones from Vista Inspirate and Metal Gold icon themes.


11 years ago

I installed this on Ubuntu 9.10 KDE

Xorg CPU went from 3% to steady 25-35% with nothing going on.

Uninstalled it and CPU went back to 3%



12 years ago

Thanks for this terrific monitor. I especially appreciate its simplicity. It displays everything I need, and only what I need. It looks awesome on the default PCLinuxOS MiniMe desktop. I happen to like the the fact that your monitor displays only graphs and text, not bars. Please don't change that! I also like the default font size. It is small, but I like that. Here is the only change I would suggest: One of my machines is a dual-core laptop, and on that machine, the cpu load graph overlaps the name display of the second core. Is there some way that you could increase the space between the graph and the name of the second core, but only on dual-core machines? On my single-core desktop, everything is perfect just as it is.



14 years ago

very nice theme!! How do you change the default network connection to show wlan0 or both?



15 years ago

Nice one, pretty much does everything I'd expect a Karamba SysMon to do, and I especially approve of the icon choice, since it matches my desktop setting nicely.

Perhaps most importantly, it is very easy on the system resources, some of the other SysMons I've tried tended to introduce a heck of a load on the CPU, occupancy would rarely drop below 40%, which brought my system to a near crawl. No problems of that sort here.

However, as always, there is room for improvement. I personally found the default font Neuropol barely readable, and so had to manually modify the theme file, replacing any reference to Neuropol font with a reference to my system-wide font choice. That made a big difference. Also, maybe it's just me, but it's a bit big, isn't it? With values like w=231 h=580 it just eats up too much of the valuable desktop space. I know it get also be modified manually, but it's a lot of work, so I haven't had the time to do that yet, but you may consider resizing it for any future release. May I suggest a value of w=240 h=480, which would keep it nicely in sync with Liquid Weather ++, arguably one the more popular themes out there.

Other than that, nicely done, thanks for this, and keep up the good work.

Greetings, Miloš



15 years ago

I agree, its a nice clean monitor but does need to be reduced a little in size. Also, for future versions can you change the readouts on HDD and memory to bars? I like bars :) Anyway, its a nice monitor, good work!


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