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This is source of my first GIMP brush: Turkish letters.

For using in GIMP as a brush you must save it as GIMP brush (gih) and copy to GIMP brush directory (/home/user-name/.gimp-2.6/brushes). I didn't add gih file because of its size and hard to modify.

You can save it directly or modify. Sample settings:

Spacing: 120
Cell Size: 160x200 pixel
Number of cells: 58
Dimension: 1
Ranks: 58 (Random)

If you delete or add some letters, you have to change only Number of cells and Ranks values.

Font: Sans
Preview image based on this:
Main idea:

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10 years ago

0.1 - First release


9 years ago

Just a great idea and lot of work to make 58 ranks ., mines are usually 16 max.

I,m very intrigued for this brush. and probably make some picture with it .or maybe a doodle like inking .yeah i put into my gimp and active the size pressure and deactivate opacity. that will give me a very cool effect.

let´s try


10 years ago

0.1 - First release

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