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Weather icon Set v1 for gnome weather extension.

I made some new weather icons for using it in openweather gnome shell extension in gnome 3.6/3.8.
Therefore i had to modify the part extension.js (be part of this set).

These ions are in sizes 22/24/32 in a small easy design and in 48/64/96/128/255 in a colored design with background.

This design looks just like the icons in the folder action and status of the new version of Sphere 1.3

Please check the instruction in the read me text.

You have to install the openweather gnome shell extension and change the file extension.js!

All users of Sphere 1.3 will get this Set installed in the next update v8, also with changed Sphere 1.3 weather icons, so that you can choose what kind of icons you want for the shell extension.....
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4 years ago

v1 - uploaded Mrz 2014

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4 years ago

v1 - uploaded Mrz 2014

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