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Hello world ;)

Redrawned maybe the best Firefox Icon ever, aviable in many colours and all without a Globe inside,to make it for u easier to customize the icon..

what u need?
Only simple GFX Know-How ->

1- Just open the Blank Fox Icon (128px x 128px) with a Graphikprogram u like (Gimp / Photoshop)

2- Copy and paste any globe (96px x 96px) u want inside the Firefox Icon

3- Set the Globe behind the Fox.. save..

..and enjoy ur personal firefox icon ;)

Be fair and don´t disturb the blank firefox icon anywhere else!

..but of course u can share ur customized Firefox Icons with the world ;)


credits goes to:
- the anonymous designer of the orginal icons

- me (conteXx :P) for redrawning it from scratch, with a lil facelifting ;)

- and to oddone ( for inspiring me with his work on his Firefox Icons ;)


If u like my work (look at my profile to see all of them 4 the Linux Community) can u spend me some money..

couse it takes many time, much more ciggarettes and some beer to create this kind of 4r7w0rk ;)

if u don´t have money, just say thank u,it motivates all artists really ;)

Last changelog:

9 years ago

0.2 - -faceliftet and recolourized all icons + added some more colours and globes - enjoy! =)

0.1 - First Release



9 years ago

thanks for the positive feedback, it makes me really happy =D

and really nobody has any special colour wishes?

ps: and thanks, i earned today my FIRST Dollar with GFX-Design =)



9 years ago

Truly a great idea.
Thank you.



9 years ago

Thank You 4 Sharing



9 years ago

Hey conteXx, Very nice idea you've got here ive adapted a few of these icons myself and it took me ages doing it normally, if only id had access to this then i think id have been able to do it in a fraction of the time. Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work =)




9 years ago

I needed a better Icon for a GnoMenu Icon theme set. This allowed me to make it.


9 years ago

0.2 - -faceliftet and recolourized all icons + added some more colours and globes - enjoy! =)

0.1 - First Release

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