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Conkymate is a Perl script that calls a modified version of Diego Torres Milano's
excellent Autoglade to make a GUI for making and testing Conky rc's.

This project is very much beta and is riddled with bugs. Please be careful using
it and don't expect much. As it stands now you can enter text in the big text
window, change some colors, adjust position, etc. The screen blinking out every time
you apply is a "feature".

How to install:

Put the conkymate tarball in your directory of choice (Documents or bin are good ones)
and tar -xvf it. Then just run "conkymate" either by making a shortcut to it or runing
./conkymate from the command line. You can run it from anywhere, I hope.
It took me a while to make it mobile and there may still be some bugs.

Conkymate will store your config in its own directory as "conkyrc". When you are happy
with a design, copy it to another place, as conkymate will always overwrite this file.

In case its of use to you, conkymate saves the TEXT portion of your design in "conkytext"
and the GUI itself is described in the xml file Some old gui attempts
are still in the directory, as well as tutorial files. Last but not least is the modified
Autoglade program. Conkymate needs this modified version because without it it opens
a "save as" dialog that is counter productive, and I could find no normal way around it.

Using the program:

Simply click your options, enter your text, and click "save" then "apply". "Save" saves
the text in the window, "apply" saves the changes all around. I know it's convoluted
but it was the only way I could make it work. When done hit "cancel" and conkymate and
conky will exit. You can then copy "conkyrc" out and use it. Sometimes things go wrong
and the conkyrc and glade file get mangled. If this happens, conkymate won't start or
worse. You can usually fix this by running "reset-defaults" from within the directory.
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