KDE 3.x Splash Screens

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Luis Royo sketch 22 from "Prohibited Book"

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15 years ago

Amen brother!

Anyway i think this wasn't the place to start a religious flame :D.

As an atheist i just bealive in science not in "miracles" and of course i will never, even consider, that looking at a women breast are sending me to hell (if that place exist and is not on eart xD).

So... i'll just live and let live.

Greetings from México!



16 years ago

Your view of GOD or The Most High is so juvenile that you even classify IT as a Him.

The Universe is Beauty and is Boundless.

You denounce the nude form yet you aren't clamoring to the Catholic Church for contracting a Queer to paint Images of GOD by Michelangelo.

Surely your lack of the mystical symbolism behind the Qabalistic meaning of Tolerance shows me just how stunted you are with your Knowledge.

Please continue broadcasting commentaries of sandalwearing fanatics that have been dead going on two thousand years.

Meanwhile, the Universe will forever continue to evolve, including tolerating the biggotry you exhibit by preaching your Blind Dogma to the those who have never asked for a Sermon.

Dogmatic Religion is a boil on the ass of Reason.

In the land of the Blind the One Eye'd Man is King.

Let me know when you stop walking around like a leper looking for your personal Messiah to heal your Sight.

Better yet, when you actually grasp the cosmology of the Bible, the Upanishads, the sacred writings of Zoroastrianism, Western Occult Sciences and others you just might smile and be comfortable in knowing that The Most High in it's Infinite Presence is in every one of us as a Finite God.

Oh look what I just said! Curse me! Oh please curse me with your verbage that garnered the wealths of countless nations by force for your GOD is a blood thirsty HIM.

Ironically, I didn't even download the copyrighted image by a phenomenal artist, because as a splash screen it doesn't improve upon the standard KDE 3.3.1 splash screen. Nor is it really one of the better works by Royo.

I just had to respond since Balance requires it.

I recommend this person have more orgasms in life and spend less time spreading the Gospel to computer enthusiasts looking to modify the appearance of Linux or any operating system.


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