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That ugly image is only a preview to show you the wallpaper that I\'ve been working the last time. It\'s name is Xfebian wallpaper, because I wanted to insist in the fact that my machine runs Debian with Xfce. So I start to mix logos, and this is the result

Xfce\'s mouse now has a tail, Debian\'s logo. It is a little ghosty. I didn\'t found the font used on Debian\'s logo, nor edit Debian\'s logo letters to make them appear like Xfce logo letters, so I decided to use other font, http://www.josbuivenga.demon.nl/fontin.html, Fontin, a little seemed to Debian\'s one, and make the title by myself, with the colors and forms of the Xfce. And this is the result. \"Fast & free\" is a tribute to Fast & furious film. It uses DejaVu Sans.

I put this horrible degraded to show the idea that the user can choose the background color with Xfce\'s Desktop options dialog.

Two resolutions available:

This work is under BY-SA, but it agrees to read the font\'s licence. I wait critics and comments. Hope you like and hope it.

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