Xeo Icons Theme for Karmic Koala

Icon Sub-Sets

Source (link to git-repo or to original if based on someone elses unmodified work): Add the source-code for this project on opencode.net


Si no les gusta el icono de device-notifier cambiarlo por el original modificado se encuentra en la carpeta:

/home/name_user/.kde/share/icons/xeo/scalable/apps/device-notifier2.png cambiar nombre por device-notifier.png
y aplica de nuevo el paquete de iconos.

Si hay algun bug con el paquete favor de reportarlo para repararlo, o si desean colaborar con algun icono
para la siguiente version. En la siguiente version se cambiaran los iconos de open office y algunos otro y reparar errores.

****Este paquete se creo para la recien salida Karmic Koala 9.10 para darle un nuevo look****

---Descomprimir el Archivo xeo.rar dentro de este esta xeo.tar.gz para instalar---


The package of icons in a 90% change the original icons that brings Karmic Koala default is based mostly in the package oxygencolors iconset (v2.1) by BluPenguin works the same way the change of folder icons, firefox, trash etc ...

To change the icons located at:
/ home / name_user / .kde / share / icons / xeo / and open as root

./ Change-type.sh

Transform to the change-type.sh executable script with the command:

chmod + x change -type.sh

$ sudo ./ change-type.sh oxyacquamarinefolder [change color folders into oxygen Acquamarine]
$ sudo./ change-type.sh oxyblackfolder [change oxygen into folders color black]
$ sudo ./ change-type. sh oxybluefolder [change oxygen into folders color blue]

***If you do not like the device-notifier icon to change it amended the original is in the folder:
/ home / name_user / .kde / share / icons / xeo / scalable / apps / device- notifier2.png
change name to:
device-notifier.png and reaply icons theme.

If there is a bug with the package please report it to repair it, or you want to collaborate with some icon for the next version. In the next version will change the icons in open office, and other icons and fix errors

****This package was created for the recent departure Koala Karmic 9.10 for a fresh look****

--- Unzip the file within this xeo.rar this xeo.tar.gz to install ---
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