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New version 2.0 (in python) deps:

This version reads only epub files,no lit.To start it:

python koobe2.py filename.epub

(photo 2, sorry if it's poor)
version 1.1
-unzip (for .epub files)
-convertlit (for .lit files, please read legal notes of convertlit)
-additionally you need to have mounted a tempfs file system in /dev/shm
(don't be scared, you already have, check mount...)


1.1 - version 1.0 had a regression with the epub format, bugfixed in 1.1

1.0 - now it's much less hackish and opens the lit or epubs exactly as the openberg plugin for firefox: checking idents in the spine. Enjoy!

0.6 - fixed an error with single-xml files

I was a bit sick of waiting adobe digital edition on linux, and the openberg project works only in firefox which is slower than KDE here, so I wroted down this little ,(no more hackish from v 1.0!) script to open both .epub (IDPF Open ebook spec) and even .lit (through convertlit, as openberg) in konqueror.

It opens ONLY html or xml based ones,
you can`t view the pdf alternative
through this script.

( Hopefully someone will find the time in the future for a kio_slave or at least for .opf support in konqueror... by that time I`ll remove this hackish script )

USAGE: koobe namefile

IDPF specs at http://www.idpf.org
Some samples at http://www.idpf.org/forums/
Licensed as GPL2


10 years ago

To convert the FREE (remember, fair
use) .lit ebooks you downloaded from the web into .epub format
(it's a 1:1 conversion, no data will be lost) you can visit my site at:


Delit python script to convert from lit to epub ... it uses convertlit,
depends on:
Beautiful Soup.
And needs htmlTidy


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