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Sadly the new Ubuntu 11.10 breaks this application because the icons are forced into indicators instead of the old system tray. There is a quick fix: just remove the sni-qt package by this command:

sudo apt-get remove sni-qt

And don't forget to enable the system tray following the guide on omgubuntu below.
An application that allows you to run mobile or small web pages in your system notification area.

You can download pre-configured packages (treb instances) that allows you to set up some of the pages quickly, including Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, Google Tasks,, Google Calendar etc.

Follow this guide on omgubuntu to enable all notification icons if you are using Ubuntu 11.04 with Unity:

Go to my blog for detailed description:

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7 years ago

Initial release


7 years ago

It would be nice to add an option to set locales as well as user agent does.

Using it on Debian Sid kde 4.6.5 and so far it's very nice and smooth. Google calendar and Gmail are very cool that way! I love the ability to open in web browser and to create custom tasks! It should be default on KDE!
Good job!




7 years ago

Thanks! I will add in locales support and custom user agent support when I am free (need a lot of help on locales though).

Also this is an open source project, so if you wanna help, do let me know!


7 years ago

Initial release

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