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Short brief - Veemzy is an instant messenger ( ICQ, facebook ) for windows system.

Note: use your facebook nickname to login, not your registered email!

Veemzy is a social communication application, it starts it's way as an instant messenger and going to be extended with everyday around news notification. It's all about collecting your friends and interests in one application and bringing all of it to you via friendly user interface.

So why do you need Veemzy now? No reasons for today if you are completely happy with other projects, the first version is just gonna acknowledge you that here is something happening, you can follow it or even be a part of it and make a direction of development. We can choose how it's going to look before it's actually done, so no need to re-implement it later.

You can follow roadmap at the launchpad page:
or just be in touch with project's news:

And please don't forget to tell about bugs you gonna find:
Last changelog:

7 years ago

+ Private lists management and support for ICQ


7 years ago

Welcome back, Rustam ! ;)



7 years ago

License: GPL
so can we please have the source code?




7 years ago

All in one:
Core plugins:
GUI pluguins:
Protocol plugins:
Additional plugins:



7 years ago

thx m8


7 years ago

+ Private lists management and support for ICQ

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