A headless podcast downloader.


* Use the If-Modified-Since header to only download RSS feeds that have changed since the last full download.
* Use of the If-Modified-Since header can be disabled on a global or per podcast basis if necessary.
* Optionally can ignore downloading episodes marked as explicit with the tag.
* Tries to set the correct file name when dealing with redirects. For example will be saved as realpodcast.mp3 not redirect.mp3.
* Does not have a GUI. Runs as a background task. Suitable for headless servers.
* Uses a user configurable number of download threads to download in parallel.
* Has the ability to check the amount of free disk space and only download if there is more space free than a user set minimum.
* Can either download all new episodes or only a maximum number of new episodes.


8 years ago

1.1 Release

* A number of new features, a new database format and a few bug fixes.
* See CHANGELOG for a full list of changes since the last release.

Note the 1.1 release uses a new database format. 1.0.x databases are not compatible. It is recommended to delete the episodes.db file and run using the -init option to re-mark episodes as downloaded.

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