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iChat - is a serverless LAN one-public-room chat application with one-to-many file transfer capabilities.

Things, that are good:
- Sends messages with UDP broadcasts - only clients are needed to build a chat,
- Maintains a contact list with online-offline users,
- Can broadcast files or be put in to a reciever mode to save to disk files, broadcasted by others,
- Has an on-top-of-others mode to be always visible,
- Has tray baloon notifications when hidden or minimized,
- Has color coding for messages that are addressed to you or to someone else,
- Supports MacOS X, Windows, LiNUX, Blackberry Playbook OS and likely others (untested),
- Can be built with Qt 5.x and Qt 4.x.

Things, that are a little less, than good:
- Large files (>100KB) get corrupted when recieved,
- Has no preferences dialog, all the parameters can be set only from cli or by editing settings in the OS (registry, file in .config or in Library/Preferences). For example, -Nick=Dude in cli will change and save your default nick,
- Has hardcoded russian ui.

Last changelog:

4 years ago

0.0.1 - initial release


3 years ago

Нельзя называть проект (программу) именем уже существующей: https://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/IChat


4 years ago

0.0.1 - initial release

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