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Bluman is meant to be an uncreative drop-in blue replacement for the default Human themes in Ubuntu 8.04 for those wishing for another color option but enjoy the human style.

Based on the packages available in Ubuntu 8.04, I include three gtk-theme options (Bluman, Bluman-Clearlooks, Bluman-Murrine). Also included is a set of matching blue human style icons, backgrounds, gdm-themes, and a usplash-theme.

I've constructed these themes by color remixing the default files with Perl scripts. So I could in principle extend this batch of files to include other system files or other colors should there be interest in such things.

A green version is available as Greenman.

Based on the Hardy packages:
- human-icon-theme v0.28
- human-theme v0.18
- ubuntu-gdm-theme v0.29
- ubuntu-wallpapers v0.25

- Based on updated Hardy defaults
- More strict following of theme organization and naming

- Based on updated Hardy defaults
- Color of non-blue background elements in gtk-themes are faded at 50%
- Addition of Clearlooks and gdm themes
- Recommended background color (r,g,b) = (100,150,183)

- Addition of BlumanList gdm theme

- Addition of Bluman usplash theme (installs with startupmanager)

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