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An awk script to convert a channels.conf file to a playlist. This allows DVB-T channels to be selected without manually entering frequency. Next channel / previous channel can be selected in the same way as next track / previous track.

A channels.conf file defines frequencies and other parameters for available DVB-T channels in your area. The files can be created by w_scan (recommended), scan or dvbscan. The scanning applications are available externally and may have to be installed on your system to perform the scan.

Once you have a channels.conf file, run the script using the command line:
awk -f makeplaylist.awk channels.conf > playlist.xspf

Then open the play list in vlc.

Assumes that your DVB-T card is working correctly with correct drivers etc.

I am not sure of the availability of w_scan, scan or dvbscan on platforms other than linux.


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