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This is web browser written with Python and QT5. The program is the default browser of my Linux distribution (PostX Gnu/Linux 0.4.1) but does not contain any branding or logos by itself.

The browser currently has the following features:

-Open link in a new window.

-Notification support (xfce4-notifyd).

-Download files (via wget) and Bookmar online locations.

-Back, Forward, home, zoom buttons etc. are there.

-Search switch: easily use multiple search engines by addding a keyword to the search switch field. Then add the actual word to the search field. Default search engine is Privatelee (switch field left empty) . Currently added additional search engines are: Wikipedia search, Wolfram Alpha and Youtube search.

-There are now placeholder texts available to help users. Tip. Hover the mouse cursor over the switch field to get instructional tooltip about the available search engines.

-The browser should support common Linux plugins after they are installed. Note. you will still need to install flashplugin-nonfree or equivalent in order to view Youtube videos. HTML5 playback is currently somewhat broken in QT and Webkit.
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*Needs pling-store or ocs-url to install things
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