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Source (link to git-repo or to original if based on someone elses unmodified work): Add the source-code for this project on opencode.net

Score 50%

copy install.sh to home directory
launch terminal
sudo sh install.sh
read txt file to apply
by last... copy desktop file to /etc/xdg/autostart with root access
exec with lxterminal change for your favorite terminal, or if you dont have lxterminal installed
logout to test

DDoS attack is one of the favorite tools used by hacktivists and other online groups to fulfill their motives by hiding behind a storm of HTTP request. The attacker makes a network of infected systems (botnets) by spreading malicious emails and software. After being infected, these systems could be controlled remotely and thus used to deploy a DDoS attack.

since some custom builds arround here dont have remote access the truly conclusion is web browsing overloaded...
more slower to do almost none.

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