Cinnamox-Aubergine [Cinnamon-GTK2/3-Metacity]

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Cinnamox-Aubergine features a deep purple colour scheme and light text. Cinnamon, Metacity, GTK2, GTK3.18 and GTK3.20+ themes are included along with a script to adjust the transparency of the Cinnamon theme.

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Last changelog:

2019.06.03 19 days ago

Cinnamon Panel - make soundplayer controls overlay transparent

Cinnamon Panel - fix panel label alignment to accommodate multi line calendar applet labels being centred in both horizontal and vertical panels

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2019.06.03 19 days ago

Cinnamon Panel - make soundplayer controls overlay transparent

Cinnamon Panel - fix panel label alignment to accommodate multi line calendar applet labels being centred in both horizontal and vertical panels

2019.04.22 2 months ago

* Metacity - revised button scheme for modal and regular dialogs - all windows have a close button
* Cinnamon Menu - Fix app description overlapping menu and text scaling factors > 1
* Cinnamon Panel - Add a little vertical padding to the GWL and windoe-list icons on vertical panels
* Cinnamon Panel - Fix GWL thumbnail label color and positioning
* Cinnamon Panel - Update GWL thumbnail ready for forthcoming Cinnamon 4.2.x

2018.11.25 7 months ago

* Cinnamon 4 - added support for grouped-window-list applet
* Cinnamon 4 - added support for alternative stock menu applet
* Cinnamon 4 - added support for new window overview style classes
* Cinnamon - fixed workspace-switcher applet simple view on vertical panels
* Cinnamon - revamp of panel styling for window-list, grouped-window-list and panel-launchers to ensure consistent look and feel for all three applets
* Cinnamon - added a helper script to facilitate end-users toggling between new and old panel styling for window-list, grouped-window-list and panel-launchers
* General - helper scripts fixed so they exit correctly if run outside of a TTY.
* Cinnamon - added some padding between icon and label in the window-list applet.
* Readme - fixed typo in firefox-fix instructions
* Index.theme - removed reference to non-existent icon theme.

2018.08.27 9 months ago

* - Revamped to use user.js method to force Firefox to render themeable web content using Adwaita.
*Cinnamon theme - fixes to drop-down menu item spacing primarily to ensure Cinnamenu context menu displays correctly.
*GTK 3.18 and 3.20 - header bar buttons in CSD apps use regular button colours.
*General - retired Zanah variant.

2018.04.15 1 year ago

* Cinnamon - remove duplicate scrollbar theming
* Cinnamon - tidy up window-list orientation source SCSS
* Cinnamon - use box-shadow rather than border for panel launcher hover effect
* Cinnamon - reduce desklet and window list font size
* Cinnamon - fix expo grid view bug
* Cinnamon - fix sound-player small buttons bug
* Cinnamon - reduce slider height, fix slider handle color and border
* Cinnamon - fix menu selector margins
* Cinnamon - fix user applet icon border
* Cinnamon - fix keyboard layout applet
* Cinnamon - expand font-families to include roboto and Noto Sans

* GTK 3 & 3.20 - merge upstream menu border changes

2018.04.03 1 year ago

Cinnamon Theme - Cleaned up some deprecated styles.<br />
Cinnamon Theme - Removed obsolete Cinnamenu workaround (not required with Cinnamenu 3.2+)<br />
Cinnamon Theme - Build tools now support variable 'spacing' in menu, panel, buttons + entries.<br />
Cinnamon Theme - Spacing / padding / margins reviewed and adjusted throughout theme.<br />
Cinnamon Theme - Notifications now use default theme width<br />
GTK3 - Toolbars buttons now use toolbar colors and are slightly bigger in line with GTK3.20 theme.<br />
GTK3 &amp; 3.20 - more padding/spaces in menus<br />
GTK2 - optional hidpi theme rebased on regular GTK2 theme.<br />
GTK2 - Build tools now support variable 'spacing'
General - Fix GTK2 HIDPI and qt5ct helper scripts

2018.03.21 1 year ago

Cinnamon - revised border colors - 'interior' borders are more subtle
Cinnamon - dialog entry boxes have a dark background gradient
Cinnamon - bugfix for Heather transparency script
Cinnamon - SCSS source and build tools now allow for customisation of notification position
GTK2 - added some gradient to buttons
GTK2 - improved visibility of text on highlighted buttons
GTK3 - revised SCSS button source code again to match GTK3.20. This time managed to successfully avoid CSS bloat
GTK3 and 3.20+ - revised tooltip borders to match Cinnamon theme
General - updated screenshots

2018.03.19 1 year ago

Cinnamon - theme refactored to SCSS and integrated with cinnamox-gtk-theme build environment
Cinnamon - theme with some adjustments merged upstream to oomox-gtk-theme and oomox app
Cinnamon - surface gradients are a little more subtle
Cinnamon - cinniVIIstark menu, cinnamenu and stock menu now all have consistent right-click context menus
Cinnamon - removed unused assets
Cinnamon - remaining assets now colored with theme colors
Cinnamon - improved visibility of add workspace button and corner ripple animation
Cinnamon - panel now has border on inside edge only
Cinnamon - buttons rethemed to match GTK3.20 theme
Cinnamon - panel launchers new highlight theme
Cinnamon - onscreen keyboard background is always transparent
Cinnamon - reworked scrollbar, slider and separator themes again
Cinnamon - tweaked placement of panel items
GTK3 - buttons rethemed to match GTK3.20
General - added helper script to write a userContent.css to default Firefox profile to fix issues with text visibility in Firefox input fields

2018.03.06 1 year ago

General - added copy of license to release files

General - updated screenshots and thumbnails

Cinnamon - Fixed padding and spacing in window-list-preview

Cinnamon - Include link color from GTK theme

Cinnamon - Sliders and Separators rethemed.

Cinnamon - Window list applet rethemed.

Cinnamon - Menus - removed gradients from selection highlight and scroll bars for better consistency with GTK theme

Cinnamon - Menu search entry - rethemed. Other input dialogues now share the same theme.

Cinnamon - Buttons rethemed for better consistency with GTK theme

Cinnamon - Reviewed and rationalised font size and border radius declarations throughout theme.

Cinnamon - Fixed desklet border radius.

Cinnamon - Other minor fixes

Cinnamon - revised warning and error colors for Zanah & Heather

GTK - revised warning and error colors for Zanah & Heather

2018.03.04 1 year ago

Cinnamon - Themes now have be-spoke error and warning colors that match error and warning colors in GTK

GTK2 - Helper script added to easily toggle between HIDPI version and none HIDPI versions of theme. See readme for instructions

GTK2, 3.18 and 3.20 - Reverted to Oomox-gtk-theme default code for link, info, warning, error and question colors. Updated individual theme templates for be-spoke theme colors.

qt5ct - qt5ct configuration files included with helper script to install in correct location. See readme for instructions.

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