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Source (link to git-repo or to original if based on someone elses unmodified work): https://github.com/Rokin05/darkine-kde

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Darkine - A dark theme for KDE Plasma.

You'll be able to get the full theme collection here : Darkine collection.
For better looking please use this theme with Kvantum engine.

The theme / collection contain :

  • Plasma - Look-and-Feel
  • Plasma - Desktop Theme
  • Plasma - Color Scheme
  • Aurorae Theme (Classic and Mac/Sweet style)
  • Kvantum Theme
  • Icon-pack
  • Wallpapers
  • SDDM Theme (build from scratch with QtQuick2, without KDE dependencies).
  • Firefox Quantum theme at addons.mozilla.org.
Last changelog:

Version 2.1 1 year ago

- Add notes.svg (widget).
- Fix opendesktop tar.gz


3 years ago

Thanx man for the nice wallpaper you uploaded to https://www.opendesktop.org/p/1226061




3 years ago

Up version without changes.
Very cool man!
Be proud of yourself!




3 years ago



Version 2.1 1 year ago

- Add notes.svg (widget).
- Fix opendesktop tar.gz

Version 2.0 2 years ago

Full 2019 rework !
New theme elements, most items, colors and fonts have been reworked in all parts of the themes.
Global theme colors look more like monokai style, the gray is more accentuated at the blue.
The theme code is fully up-to-date to the last plasma version (5.15).

Main changes :

o Kvantum :
- Borders are better integred in accord of the design.
- The scrollbar size has been reduced and reworked.
- Items like icons, buttons and shadows are more "polish".
- The the entire svg code has been cleaned and simplified.
- Up-to-date with Kvantum 0.11.1
- The code and size of svg files have been drastically cleaned and optimized (211Kb > 106Kb).

o Aurorae
- Rewritten since zero :
- The shadow are currently removed.
- The corner round have been removed.
- Fix a bug when an invisible space could be seen between the top of the window and the taskbar.
- The height of the window has been slightly reduced.
- New! : "Sweet theme like color" buttons for Darkine.
- The classic buttons are still available in the theme pack and have been reworked.
- The code and size of svg files have been drastically cleaned and optimized.

o Color-schemes
- Update schemes in accord of the new colors.

o Desktop-theme :
- New menu button.
- New session buttons (logout, reboot, halt...).
- Up-to-date with KDE Plasma (plasma-desktop 5.15).
- deletion of unnecessary old theme files.
- Update svg files colors.
- Some of the icons always come from the Papyrus theme.

o Look-and-feel :
- New wallpaper.
- Update splash screen.
- Update (qml) code to the last plasma version (5.15).
- Update previews pictures.

o Icons-Pack (new!) :
- The theme now has its own icon theme pack : This one was not created from scratch but this base mainly on the official Breeze theme as well as on the Papyrus theme for the action bar.

o SDDM :
- The theme is now highly customizable and based on a brand new source code and no longer on the breeze theme.
- This is compatible with and without KDE Plasma and not depend of KDE Framework.
- Menu is dynamic and can be moved between the different positions with the mouse.
- Multiples layouts (minimized, icon, tiny, half, fullscreen).
- Menu support left and right screen sides (mirrored).
- https://github.com/Rokin05/SDDM-Themes for more infos, screenshots and details.

o Extra :
- New! : Firefox Quantum theme available at : https://addons.mozilla.org/addon/darkine

Version 1.4 3 years ago

- Update button.svg

Version 1.2 3 years ago

- update AUTHORS file

Version 1.1 3 years ago

- Fix package

Version 1.0 3 years ago

- First commit

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