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This is a tint2-based attempt at the Windows 10 taskbar. I was really, really surprised the one on ElBullAzul's site didn't look like the real thing, since he's themed literally everything else in existence to look correct. So this makes a nice complement to the B00merang themes, or can be used on its own.

It's probably not perfect, so is being released as a beta, ver 0.9. If anyone can point out mistakes, please comment and I'll update the theme. Thanks :)

Note: you MUST have the application "jgmenu" installed for this to work, as well as the font Noto Sans and the Breeze icons from the KDE project. Like, at all. And if your terminal, file manager, and browser are not URxvt, PCManFM (GTK version), and Falkon respectively, it would be wise to change these in the theme file after extracting to /usr/share/tint2/ to better suit your needs. Have a look; it's well-documented and commented in there. It *will not* look right or perform properly if any of these are missing! Also, because the look is basically aping MS's trade dress, this can't be released under an open-source license. Make sure you have a copy of Windows 10--I won't check!--before using, to be on the safe side.



3 days ago

very nice, I like it


product-maker elbullazul Apr 16 2019

very nice, I like it
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