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This is a Tint2 theme made to match the Nooto Fluxbox theme's taskbar (for original theme, see here:

I generally prefer Fluxbox to Openbox, but it seems to be bitrotting, and Hexchat in particular doesn't work with it any longer, at least on my system. But I love Nooto and have been using it for years. So what's a girl to do? Clone it in Tint2 of course!

This is a near-perfect replica, but the Workspace area doesn't actually have working switcher buttons (yet: I may add these later if I can figure out how...). The workspaces are actually called < Workspace 1 > and so forth in OBConf to mimic the look of Fluxbox's panel.

You must have the Noto fonts installed for this to work. Yes, Noto for Nooto.


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I love your work. Did you create this category yourself? How did you do it cause i will like to create category for sawfish wm themes. i have some tint2 themes i will be sharing too




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Sorry for the late reply!

I'm...actually not very good at making new things. My talent seems to be re-creating already-existing designs in new media; if you check my work you'll see it's almost all basically ports of Windows or Mac-like themes to Linux/Unix window managers.

This particular theme is a tribute to Kalushary's wonderful Nooto theme, which I used on Fluxbox religiously and wanted a tint2 version of after jumping ship from FB to OB.


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