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Source (link to git-repo or to original if based on someone elses unmodified work):

Available as/for: OS-X compatibleWindows Binary

Librefox : Browse With Freedom

This project aims at enforcing privacy and security of Firefox without forking the project.

Librefox uses more than 500 privacy/security/performance settings (gHacks and additional options), patches, Librefox-Addons (optional) and a cleaned bundle of Firefox (updater, crashreporter and Firefox's integrated addons that don't respect privacy are removed).

Donation: any donations are welcome to: paypal: thanks a lot

Features :

- Updated Browser : because this project is not a fork, it is kept updated with the latest Firefox version.
- Extensions Firewall : limit internet access for extensions (firewall-test-feature)
- IJWY (I Just Want You To Shut Up) : embedded server links and other calling home functions are removed (zero unauthorized connection by default).
- User Settings Update : gHacks/pyllyukko base is kept up to date.
- Settings Protection : important settings are enforced/locked within mozilla.cfg and policies.json, those settings cannot be changed by addons/updates/Firefox or unwanted/accidental manipulation; To change those settings you can easily do it by editing mozilla.cfg and policies.json.
- Librefox Addons : set of optional Librefox extensions
- Statistics Disabled : telemetry and similar functions are disabled
- Tested Settings : settings are performance aware
- ESR and Tor version (Librefox TBB Beta)
- Tor Librefox Addons : adapted Librefox extensions for TBB
- Multi-platform (Windows/Linux/Mac/and soon Android)
- Dark theme (classic and advanced)
- Recommended and code reviewed addons list
- Community-Driven
- And much more...


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