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This is a tint2-alike of a very familiar (if much-reviled...) taskbar theme from Washington State. I felt it was a shame that such a nice idea had to be associated with such a trainwreck of an OS, and have recreated something matching it fairly closely in tint2.


- This theme *requires* the program "xdotool" and the Noto fonts.
- Out of the box, this theme is *NOT* usable! In the interest of making it as WM-agnostic as possible, the base tint2 does not have a working menu button or launchers by default; there is an extensive Readme file which guides the user through setting these up, as well as configuring their WM of choice to get it working.
- *Attempting to simply set the theme as-is will result in a missing menu and empty launcher dock!* Mine has a Gentoo logo and three launchers, but these are not default.

With that said, it's not really too difficult to set up. You'll need to edit the keybindings (~/.fluxbox/keys for FB, ~/.config/openbox/rc.xml in OB) and uncomment/tweak a few bits of the tint2rc file itself to get it all going. Have fun!
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Jan 20 2020
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