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Source (link to git-repo or to original if based on someone elses unmodified work):

6 .0

An elegant light theme for xfce, based on Yaru Blue Light, contains xfwm4, xfce-notify4, gtk2+3 themes and an icon theme that is mostly based on Yaru (depends on breeze icon theme, so make sure it is installed or change the theme to inherit from your favorite icon theme).
I created this theme on Ubuntu 20.04 (Xfce 4.14), older versions are NOT supported (It might still provide a better user experience and compatibility across applications than most other themes though thanks to the Yaru inheritance).

V 1.1 now additionally contains an icon theme that provides mainly the mimetype and action icons from the Yaru icon theme plus some panel status icons from other themes and some custom ones.
To use it, copy or symlink the folder "mmolch-xfce" inside the "icons" folder to ~/.local/share/icons/ and edit the index.theme file if you want it to inherit from another icon theme than breeze ("breeze-icon-theme" package in Ubuntu repository).

I recommend a panel height of 30 px and an icon size of 16px with this theme. As font I use Noto Sans Regular with a height of 9px. Also note that I disabled compositing (Client side decorated windows and menus have round borders otherwise).
Eventually I'll add another archive to the downloads that contains the supplementary stuff like the breeze icon theme and Noto fonts for people who don't have them in their Linux repository if wanted.

Feel free to report issues and feature requests on github.

V 1.2 changes: Added an xhdpi theme for xfwm4.
V 1.3 changes: Added a panel background image with a more elegant top border (panel.png in subfolder panel) (not suited for xhdpi)


10 days ago

10 10 the best
Thank you for the great light theme ^^ I tried a lot of themes to find a light, clear theme like this.



2 months ago

Excellent light theme. A relieve from all those black themes. Keep improving it. Tx




2 months ago

If you see something that could be improved, please open an issue on github. I consider this theme pretty much as done. There are some things that I'm not really happy with, but those things unfortunately can't be influenced through theming (I'm looking at you, notification icons, I want to be able to change the padding myself). The ancientness of the code shows itself in some places, but it's good enough for me.



1 month ago

It's very clean. I like it. There is not much to improve.


product-maker abcdef2007 Oct 12 2020 10 the best
10 the best Thank you for the great light theme ^^ I tried a lot of themes to find a light, clear theme like this.
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