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Source (link to git-repo or to original if based on someone elses unmodified work): Add the source-code for this project on


Ariake Plank Dock Themes

The Ariake GTK theme is based on the color scheme for code editors such as: VSCode, Atom, etc ...
To match my editor with the desktop and to give a uniform appearance, I ventured to create this theme and put the predominant colors of the Ariake color scheme to the GKT theme and to the icon theme too.
This is my first GTK theme for the Gnome Desktop, I hope you like it and give me a vote if you liked this work.


But, how to install the Plank Dock?


> Plank Dock is in the repositories of all most Linux distributions, so you only need to go to the application store of your distribution, such as Ubuntu Store, KDE Neon, Deepin, etc., do a search with the name of the Dock and give click on install.

But for those who like to use the legendary Linux Terminal, you only need to execute some commands; So, open your application menu, find the terminal and type.

- For Ubuntu users and derivatives:
"sudo apt install plank"

- For Arch Linux and derivatives:
"sudo pacman -S plank"

- For OpenSuse and derivatives:
"sudo zypper install plank"

- For Fedora and derivatives:
"sudo yum install plank"


Applying the Plank Themes.


To apply the Plank Dock themes, you just need to download the Plank themes, extract the zip, tar.gz, etc., files and move the extracted files to any of the following paths:

1. For LOCAL Directory:
- Once the file are extracted, press "ctr + h" and the hidden files will be shown, now, move the files to "/.local/share/plank/themes".

2. For ROOT Directory:
- Extract the files and open the terminal, type "sudo nautilus" (or whatever your file manager is in your distro) when nautilus is open, move the files to the next path: "/usr/share/plank/themes"

Now, to apply each theme in Plank Dock, place the cursor on any icon in Plank Dock and press "ctrl + right click", select the preferences and choose the theme of your choice.



To place separators in Plank Dock, I have created some images in ".png" to do it.
The only thing you have to do is put the separator folders in a place where you will be sure that they will not move, since if the image is moved from the place it does not work since Plank stops recognizing the path where the image was. .
Putting the files in a safe place, just drag and drop a separator file onto Plank Dock and that's it, you already have a tab on Plank Dock

Watch the video: Adding Separators to Plank Dock


Themes and Icons?

Here the links:





6 months ago

10 10 the best precious work. Nice on GTK. Wish it will update for Plasma. Thanks!


product-maker benaque Nov 29 2020 10 the best
10 the best precious work. Nice on GTK. Wish it will update for Plasma. Thanks!
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Nov 29 2020
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