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Source (required if based on other people's work): https://github.com/Zren/plasma-applet-eventcalendar

Score 88%

v48+ require Plasma 5.6 (Kubuntu 16.10 and later)
v47 supports Plasma 5.5 (Kubuntu 16.04)

An extended calendar with daily weather forecasts and events from Google Calendar. Also includes a timer and 24 hour forecast graph.

Based on the Event Flow Calendar for android. Combines code from weather-widget, volume control from mediacontrolscompact, and the default calendar + timer plasmoids.


* Google Calendar Agenda
* Weather
* Timer (8 preset durations / Scroll over the time left to adjust for other durations)
* Double click a day in the calendar to open the new event template in the browser.
* Clicking a day in the agenda opens a quick form for creating an event.
* Clicking an event in the agenda opens the event in the browser.
* Scrolling over the clock controls the volume.
* Full height single column layout (https://streamable.com/88ct)

Arch / Chakra: pacman -S plasma5-applets-eventcalendar

Translations: French, German, Portuguese Brazilian, Russian, Spanish, Ukrainian
Translators: Fill out https://github.com/Zren/plasma-applet-eventcalendar/blob/master/package/translate/template.pot, paste into https://www.hastebin.com/, click save, and comment with the link.
Last changelog:

v61 - September 13 2018 1 month ago

* Show the event description and hangout link.


5 days ago

Please add support for another calendars (Basecamp, Yandex.Calendar etc.)



10 days ago




14 days ago

great App!
but how do i resize the widget?




14 days ago

On the desktop? Press and hold until the widget control bar appear on the right of the widget.

In the panel? There isn't a persistent way to resize it atm. You can temporarily resize it with Alt+RightClick+Drag but that will reset when you logout.



14 days ago

then how is this app of any use, if i even cannot resize it




5 days ago

Open up ~/.local/share/plasma/plasmoids/org.kde.plasma.eventcalendar/contents/ui/PopupView.qml

Then change the width/height values to whatever you desire. The default with all 4 widgets in a two column view are:

Layout.preferredWidth: 810 * units.devicePixelRatio
Layout.preferredHeight: 510 * units.devicePixelRatio

After you've made your changes, restart plasmashell to test it. You can restart plasmashell by either running the commands below or logging out and back in.

killall plasmashell; kstart5 plasmashell

Due to how complicated the width/height code already is, I'm unlikely to add a simple configurable size, sorry.



17 days ago

+Wonderful app, works seamlessly with google calendar



20 days ago

This is amazing! I have only one request, could you implement a way to sync with more than one google account? I have two, one personal and one for uni. I mostly use the uni one but there are some things that I like keep in my personal account. Thanks!



17 days ago

I think the best way to do that is to import your second google calendar in your main one.
I am doing that with personal+work and it is perfect (you can also hide sensitive information)




1 month ago

Hands down the best calendar widget out there!




1 month ago

Is there a way to view event detail for events coming from PIM? I love the integration but find myself always having to open korganizer to get to the details.




1 month ago

Huh, looks like the default widget DigitalClock shows the description, and google calendar too. Should be easy to add.




1 month ago

That was easy. I just have to show a text field for the property.
There;s a minor glitch with the mouse hovering atm, but I should be able to fix that eventually.


Thoughts on how to make it look better? Maybe a little extra spacing between the "time" and the "description"?

I'm thinking that I shouldn't bolden the description when it's an active event.
https://i.imgur.com/ORouMaM.png OR https://i.imgur.com/2T4vCr1.png

Maybe I should keep it the normal color too?




1 month ago

Nice work!
I think I like the second one best (bold title with description also in color). It draws attention to the title but the color make is clear this is part of the same event.

The all bold is too much bold and the only title being colored makes the description disappear into the rest of the list.

(Also, do/will hyperlinks in the description work? :D )




1 month ago

I was leaning towards the colored regular text too. What about adding 4px of spacing? Yes/No?

And yes, hyperlinks do work. They look better now too (using the color scheme's highlight color).




1 month ago

Ya, this looks perfect!

The 4px helps set it apart but the left margin colored bar keeps it all tied together.
As for the hyperlink- awesome! That's really what I'm most interested in. I get lots of meeting invites that have links for Zoom or Hangouts.




1 month ago

Hmmm, is the hangouts link an "official" link? Or is it a copy pasted URL into the event's description?

Looking at Google Calendar's Documentation, there's an "event.hangoutsLink" and also a "conferenceData".

I've added a button for the hangoutLink.

Not sure about "Zoom" (whatever that is).




1 month ago

Uploaded v61 with the feature.



1 month ago

Hey! Great widget. Is it possible to configure notification before Google calendar events? I couldn't find any configurable setting.



1 month ago

Great plasmoid! Been using it for a while, just one thing I find missing that would be very useful is the ability to have multiple Google accounts linked for the calendar aspect. (Unless I have missed that feature?) For eg. if you have a personal Google account and a Professional one and having the possibility of having all the events appear on the calendar. When adding meetings, now it's already possible to choose which calendar they will be applied to, having another account linked could just add the extra calendars in the dropdown list. (I don't know how complicated it would be to handle more than one linked google account thought :) )

In any case, thanks for your great work and the time you put in (with the continuous updates) It is the most popular plasmoid! (For good reason ;) )



1 month ago

+very powerful plasmoid. No problems so far. Using on openSUSE leap 15 with Plasma 5.12.5. Only suggestion I'd make is to add google calendar support for reminders and not just events. Possibly add a auto locate function for the weather. Other than that, perfect!



1 month ago

Is it possible to add weather icon to the panel as well? I couldn't find it in the settings. Currently having to use this plus the weather widget to get date, time and temperature on my panel but that seems a bit redundant.




1 month ago

I checked again and I had an old version (55) of the widget. I updated it to 59 and the KDE PIM events are now visible. The only issues I have now is that the day in the date (I have the widget in the dutch language) is shown as a D (D September 2018) in the calendar as well as in the event list.

I also notice that after a refresh of events there suddenly are a lot of duplicates of the same event. I have screenshots if you want them.




1 month ago

> shown as a D

I noticed that yesterday. I missed that when I merged someone's patch. I'll be releasing an update with that fix (and jst8's polish translations) later today.

> I also notice that after a refresh of events there suddenly are a lot of duplicates of the same event.

Like the holidays? Or your personal events from KDE PIM?




1 month ago

Nope, the holidays are fine. It's my personal events from PIM. I sync KDE kontakt to my owncloud server where I keep track of my appointments. At bootup everything is just fine, all appointments are listed only once. After a refresh most appointments are now show multiple times. The only appointments that are not affected are the ones where the duration is set for the whole day. I also have the KDE PIM plugin enabled for the default clock widget in the taskbar and it shows everything correct.


v61 - September 13 2018 1 month ago

* Show the event description and hangout link.

v60 - September 5 2018 1 month ago

* Fix "D" in date formatting with Dutch translations.
* Add ability to change first day of the week without changing the System locale/formats (Issue #32).
* Add Polish translations by @jstarzyk (PR #34).
* Fix "Astrological Events" duration formatting (Issue #25).
* Fix one of the Date presets in the config showing up blank.

v59 - August 1 2018 2 months ago

* Fix OpenWeatherMap city selector dialog.
* Updated Dutch translation by @Vistaus.

v58 - June 26 2018 3 months ago

* Add ability to set a custom timer via right clicking the timer > "Set Timer".
* Fix regression where the "event update interval" was not saving.
* Make sure we translate *.js files too.

v57 - June 18 2018 3 months ago

* Always keep current agenda date/weather in view when scrolling.
* Show a error message when we couldn't connect to google cal server. When generating a user code to login.
* Various refactoring.
* Add Greek translations by @linxtone.
* Add Dutch translations by @Vistaus.

v56 - May 12 2018 5 months ago

* Fix KHolidays/PIM events showing up a day early when in a timezone before GMT (eg: +01:00).
* Use "day month, year" for calendar title in russian translations.

v55 - March 21 2018 6 months ago

* Fix KHolidays/PIM events not appearing when viewing other months
* Filter duplicates caused by multi-day events in Plasma plugins (KHolidays/PIM).
* Use PIM event colors.

v54 - March 16 2018 6 months ago

* Refactor event badges so that we don't create+bind every style.
* Don't generate calendar tooltip text until hovered over.
* Make sure agenda follows system settings font size.
* Support custom font size in the agenda.
* Update github install and add git master testing instructions.
* Copy the fixed width code from digitalclock. Modified to work with event calendar's ability to use Rich Text formatting.
* Support Plasma's event plugin (KHolidays is enabled by default but you still need to select your region in the config).
* Russian translations by @aliger14.

v53 - Febuary 2 2018 8 months ago

* Fix scrolling to current date after all events have loaded.
* Recently, google has updated the google calendar website to a material design, editing an event in the browser would link to the month view instead of the full editor. I've changed the link opened so it's now opening the full event editor.
* Refactored code to draw all event on loading them instead of a slight lag when scrolling when it tries to generate them on demand.
* Because of the refactor, the agenda now has a scrollbar.
* When fetching events, it will now wait a little bit for another calendar before redrawing everything.
* Reuse existing event placeholders instead of deleting them all and generating new ones. This alleviates some of the memory creep (but not all).
* Fix weather column cells not resizing when too small.
* Merge fr translations by @Amathadius.
* Rename the translation folder.

v52 - January 12 2018 9 months ago

* Move widget to it's own github repo (https://github.com/Zren/plasma-applet-eventcalendar).
* Show starting date for multi-day events already in progress.
* Support more than 250 events in a single month in a calendar.
* Some minor refactoring / code cleanup.

v51 - November 20 2017 10 months ago

* Ukrainian translations by cappelikan.
* Add link to set language from context menu.
* Wrap the event descriptions.
* Support moving weather icon to the right side in the agenda (like Event Flow Calendar).
* Don't wrap the calendar title when the widget is small, use an elipsis (...).
* Dynamically reveal the timer preset buttons if there's enough space. Hidden presets are still available in a context menu when right clicking the timer pause button.
* Added a 20m timer preset, which will hide the 60m preset by default.
* Hide the timer toggle button labels when there isn't enough space.

v50 - October 27 2017 11 months ago

* [kde Store] Translations are now bundled without the need to manually install them (requires KDE Frameworks v57).
* Added Portuguese Brazil (pt_BR) translations by clayzanfolin.
* Added notification sound when an event starts.
* Added ability to toggle event starting notification and sound, and ability to customize which sound.
* Fix bug where locales using 24 hour clock weren't used by default.
* Support creating events for and editing Google Calendar events when you have the "writer" role (instead of "owner").
* [upstream] Persistent pin open state after relogging. https://phabricator.kde.org/D8252

v49 - September 15 2017 11 months ago

* Fix inability to logout of google calendar which got broken during earlier refactoring.<br />
* Show notification when an event is added or deleted.<br />
* Lots of refactoring needed for supporting different calendar backends.

v48 - July 7 2017 (Requires Plasma 5.6) 1 year ago

* v48+ will no longer support Kubuntu 16.04 LTS without the backports PPA (we need KDE Frameworks 5.19 as a minimum).
* Add Spanish translation by Zipristin
* Fix plasmashell crash when closing eventcalendar's config window.
* Support extra timezones in the tooltip based on digitalclock.
* The meteogram colors are now configurable.
* The in progress color in the agenda is now configurable.

v47 - June 9 2017 1 year ago

* Add German translation by frispete
* Add button in the config to simply installing translations (hopefully it works).
* Ability to set colors in the agenda/meteogram. Only available in the debugging/advanced view for now. A simpler editor will come soonish.
* Scale meteogram/agenda icons based on the DPI.
* Show clickable date in agenda for each day in selected month.
* Wait 100ms after receiving events before updating the interface. Should minimize stuttering when events are loading.

v46 - April 27 2017 1 year ago

* Add ability to set the radius of the selected date.
* Fix different sized labels (for 1-9 vs 10-31) in the calendar when the cell height is greater than the width.
* French translations by Amathadius.

v45 - April 22 2017 1 year ago

* Get rid of padding between event summary and the timestamp.
* Polish the Google calendar list in the config. Adding a refresh list button, mark which calendars are read only, and sort the list alphabetically.
* [upstream] Shrink and elide week names like is done with day delegate

v44 - April 8 2017 1 year ago

* Fix "ConfigSerializedString.qml is missing" error when installed via a package manager that downloaded from GitHub by commiting the file.
* Support event specific colors. When a specific event is assigned a color, a colorId is used rather than a hex color (#ffffff). So we package a hardcoded set of colours for now until we download the user selected colors from the API.

v43 - April 6 2017 1 year ago

* A notification is now displayed when an event is starting.
* Can now delete non-reoccuring events from the context menu.
* Prepare widget for translations (thanks Victor).
* Use same popup size as digital clock when only the calendar widget is enabled.
* A new event badge has been added which shows all the colors for that day in a line.
* Add toggle for hiding the background when used as a desktop widget.
* Close new event form with Esc
* Support kelvin/fahrenheit freezing points (below freezing the meteogram line turns blue).
* Refactor the config code. Add an advanced debugging view.
* Show calendar colours in the config.
* When the meteogram is disabled, move the timer to the top right, and have the agenda consume the entire left half of the popup.
* Fix timer overlaying the calendar when using a non-default font size.

... 2 years ago


product-maker gismu Oct 05 2018


product-maker alex123 Sep 28 2018

+Wonderful app, works seamlessly with google calendar

product-maker paco3346 Sep 13 2018

Hands down the best calendar widget out there!

product-maker Nano-Ocelot Sep 05 2018

+very powerful plasmoid. No problems so far. Using on openSUSE leap 15 with Plasma 5.12.5. Only suggestion I'd make is to add google calendar support for reminders and not just events. Possibly add a auto locate function for the weather. Other than that, perfect!

product-maker szzs0hun Sep 05 2018

+Great Widget. Congrat!

product-maker folgui Sep 03 2018


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works like a charm

product-maker baioc Aug 07 2018


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Amazing work! Thank you!

product-maker MirceaMx Aug 01 2018


product-maker 2alin Jul 31 2018

It's my favorite calendar/clock widget so far. A lot of customization and the google calendar and weather sync is great too. For weather service, I needed to search and type manually the city code from OpenWeatherMap. Thank you so much!!

product-maker AngelBravoS Jul 30 2018


product-maker ynp-home Jul 18 2018


product-maker meloie Jun 29 2018

+nice and useful

product-maker gstnet Jun 28 2018


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product-maker g99 Jun 17 2018

too cluttered with stuff few users want

product-maker ognarb Jun 14 2018

+Beautiful addons. Sadly only support google calendar

product-maker zhenron Jun 12 2018

pretty cool

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+ Superb widget

product-maker pixel8ed May 30 2018


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product-maker Ennai Feb 24 2018

Really lovely widget. But i'd like to link the calendar to KOrganizer instead of google calendar.

product-maker sbog Feb 21 2018

Just amazing. Have looked for such a widget for a several years.

product-maker renyuneyun Feb 20 2018

product-maker poamber Dec 24 2017

Very useful widget, thanks! I use it instead of the default clock widget.

product-maker fasiko Dec 04 2017

Very Good Job!!

product-maker mani-zaeim Nov 01 2017

great widget

product-maker stroum Oct 29 2017

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Very convenient, excellent widget

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