Papirus - it's free and open source SVG-based icon theme for Linux with material and flat style.
All elements have clear distinction and outlines. Also main feature - it's jucy colors tone.

Papirus support hardcode-tray script:

Folder Color support:

Dolphin Folder Color support:

And KDE color scheme:

Recommend use with Arc Dark theme:
Or Adapta GTK theme:

And Arc KDE version:
Or Adapta KDE version:


- Alexey Varfolomeev (
Main designer and author of Papirus icon theme


- Sergei Eremenko (
Designer, maintainer (PPA), SVG optimization, scripting

Contributors :
- Gabriel Pereira (
- Gregor Kofler (
- Kevin Kane (
- Kristan Kenney (
- Mohammed Aquib Azad (
- Tim Stahel (

See for details.

You can support Papirus Dev Team by voluntary payment:

@varlesh (Alexey Varfolomeev)
- Patreon:
- PayPal:

@SmartFinn (Sergei Eremenko)
- BTC: `1HwE62Zb8PyyY1XAR6Ykweix2ht8NAjvf5`

Last changelog:

20180601 17 days ago

New uniform for several icons:
Aptana, Bomi, Flickr, HipChat, Kiten, Postr, qWinFF, Rclone Browser, Serviio, Solaar, SoundKonverter, TeamViewer, Vivaldi, Vivaldi Beta

Added icons:
Abrowser, AnyDesk, Bumblebee Status (GNOME extension), Calibre E-Book Viewer, Djvu mime icon, Doom, Doomseeker, DrRacket, Eureka, Exodus Wallet, FileBot, FreeCAD and Scribus, FreeDM, Freedoom: Phase 1, Freedoom: Phase 2, gnome-fs-regular, Golly, IPython, IPython 3, IPython/Jupyter Notebook mime icon, Icedove, J, MakeHuman, mate-eyes-applet, Maxima, Mimetypes for Wolfram Mathematica, Nero Linux & Nero Linux Express, org.gnome.tweaks-symbolic, PCSX2, Paraview Client, PrBoom+, QPS, tray icon, ScreenGrab, Showerthoughts plasmoid, Smooth Video Project (SVP), Tagaini Jisho, TamTam, Thunderbird (Flathub), Ubuntu SSO (GNOME Online Accounts), VidCutter (Flatpak), WPS Office mime icons, Wolfram Player, wxGlade, xfce4-eyes-plugin

Updated icons
Elisa, GuitarPro6, HandBrake, Reddit, Vivaldi

Changes and fixes
- Added mime icons for various location data formats
- Fixed 16x16/panel/bumblebee-indicator.svg icon
- Added bluegrey folder color to match Adapta-BlueGrey(-Nokto) theme from adapta-gtk-theme-colorpack
- Add symbolic suffix to Lock Keys icons


17 days ago

What do you think about adding a white Archlinux start icon to match Arc KDE theme?




14 days ago

Original ArchLinux logo have blue color. I can't change it - it's broken compability with other DE's. You can modify color by my self. Open files distributor-logo-archlinux.svg on any text editor and change color #1793d1



14 days ago

Thanks for the tip!



22 days ago





24 days ago




25 days ago




26 days ago

Great Icon set! the most complete!




1 month ago

I have given you a pling, I consider your icon theme as one of the most complete, and an inspiration for future projects. thanks for this project



1 month ago

Missing icon:




1 month ago

nope, this icon aready exist.



1 month ago

So, if the icon is not (properly) displayed in my panel (Lubuntu 18.04, 64bit with the latest Megasync-Client), I need to fix it via my DE?
Thanks a lot btw for your work!!




1 month ago

I'm now check this with DEB-package for 18.04, version 3.6.5.
See desktop-file:

[Desktop Entry]
GenericName=File Synchronizer
Comment=Easy automated syncing between your computers and your MEGA cloud drive.




1 month ago

Try update icon cache:
sudo gtk-update-icon-cache -f /usr/share/icons/Papirus
Also maybe for Qt-apps need install qtsvg libs:
sudo apt install libqt5svg5 libqt4-svg




1 month ago

Also maybe need set settings for Qt-apps.
Use for this qt5ct for Qt5-apps
And qt4-qtconfig for Qt4-apps
This packahes available on Ubuntu18.04 repos



1 month ago

More missing icons:
-PCSX2 (Playstation Emulator)
-MakeHuman (3D Software)




1 month ago

will be added on next release.
MakeHuman have hardcode icon path, fix that manually on desktop file



1 month ago

it So pretty Look in Gnome.




1 month ago

a + for working on this tremendous icon theme




1 month ago

Your first pling, for your excellent work...




1 month ago

Thx :)



1 month ago

Nice theme but there is a missing icon: wxGlade.




1 month ago

On next release



1 month ago

They would really like also new icons for Dnfdragora, FedoraMediaWriter, Boxes, Shotwell, gedit (that those of defaulth are homely), to Do, Wireshark, Video, TeamViewer, Desee, Dvd95, Contacts (really bad), Guvcview




1 month ago

Gnome Contacts redesigned.
I don't want change other icons and not seen reason for this. It's my opinion...
Desee - i don't know what is this.
I repeat you again DVD95 and GuvcView - hardcoded, fix your desktop-file!



1 month ago

See I was wrong to write.... because they are nicer icons designed you than the original software and so the package Iconeavrebbe had a more homogeneous and complete, but it is only my impression!!!! Seen is the most complete package it was nice to have them all designed by you!!!


20180601 17 days ago

New uniform for several icons:
Aptana, Bomi, Flickr, HipChat, Kiten, Postr, qWinFF, Rclone Browser, Serviio, Solaar, SoundKonverter, TeamViewer, Vivaldi, Vivaldi Beta

Added icons:
Abrowser, AnyDesk, Bumblebee Status (GNOME extension), Calibre E-Book Viewer, Djvu mime icon, Doom, Doomseeker, DrRacket, Eureka, Exodus Wallet, FileBot, FreeCAD and Scribus, FreeDM, Freedoom: Phase 1, Freedoom: Phase 2, gnome-fs-regular, Golly, IPython, IPython 3, IPython/Jupyter Notebook mime icon, Icedove, J, MakeHuman, mate-eyes-applet, Maxima, Mimetypes for Wolfram Mathematica, Nero Linux & Nero Linux Express, org.gnome.tweaks-symbolic, PCSX2, Paraview Client, PrBoom+, QPS, tray icon, ScreenGrab, Showerthoughts plasmoid, Smooth Video Project (SVP), Tagaini Jisho, TamTam, Thunderbird (Flathub), Ubuntu SSO (GNOME Online Accounts), VidCutter (Flatpak), WPS Office mime icons, Wolfram Player, wxGlade, xfce4-eyes-plugin

Updated icons
Elisa, GuitarPro6, HandBrake, Reddit, Vivaldi

Changes and fixes
- Added mime icons for various location data formats
- Fixed 16x16/panel/bumblebee-indicator.svg icon
- Added bluegrey folder color to match Adapta-BlueGrey(-Nokto) theme from adapta-gtk-theme-colorpack
- Add symbolic suffix to Lock Keys icons

20180501 1 month ago

Added icons:
Ásbrú Connection Manager,, FS-UAE Amiga Emulator, Foobillard++, Fragments, Gens, Gens/GS, GoldenDict (tray icons), Joplin, Kup, Laverna, nemo-bookmark-not-found-symbolic, Notepadqq, OpenJDK 11, Pisi Linux, pCloud, PkgBrowser, Prepos, Rapid Photo Downloader, Rkward, Slic3r, TeXworks, UMLet, Workflowy

Updated icons:
GNOME Contacts, Manjaro logo, Navicat & Navicat PostgreSQL, Plasma Search, Preferences System Search, SearchMonkey, Semaphor, Yaourt-Gui

Changes and fixes:
Added missing icons of JetBrains apps from Jonas Gröger's PPA

20180401 2 months ago

Added icons:
APK Icon Editor, application-x-designer, Blackmagic Fusion 8/9, com.github.bilelmoussaoui.Authenticator, CompuCell3D, Folder GitHub, Fonts mimes (collection, ttf, woff, otf), Gydl, jamovi, KDE widgets icons (Crypto Currency Price, USwitch, Terminal Update, Volume Slider), Lplayer, Mnemosyne, MultiMC, Notes, Oracle JRE 10 and Oracle JDK 10, org.kde.plasma.grouping, Qt Configuration Tool, Qt Dev icons (Creator, Designer, Assistant, Linguist, qDbusViewer), Streamlink Twitch GUI, System Workbench for STM32, Tiny Media Manager, Transmission Remote, Tumbleweed Updater

Updated icons:
Amarok, Applications Development Web, Brave, Chrome/Chromium App List, DRIConf, Deluge, Diffuse, FreeFileSync, GitHub, Itch, Kalzium, Kbreakout, Khangman, Ksquares, Mintnanny, Nutty, PcbNew, Step, System Help

Changes and fixes:
- Colorize some mimes
- Fix icon sizes on index.theme's

20180311 3 months ago

Added icons
GNU Privacy Assistant (GPA), Cutter, OpenRCT2, Signal Desktop (hardcode tray icons), Envelope, Gnonograms, Resizer, Snaptastic, FFADO Mixer, Teleport, SCite editor, Ebook Viewer, Quake saga, Falkon (KDE Browser), Gretl, Python 3 (mime icon), org.gnome.gedit, Metronome, ROSA Image Writer, DrakSec, Userdrake, DockbarX, juCi++, PDFsam Basic, D-Feet, GBrainy, Posterazor, Reactotron, Shadowsocks-Qt5, Comix, GtkHash, RetroPie, Amnesia: The Dark Descent & A Machine for Pigs

Updated icons
Accessories Notes, Mate Inhibit Applet, Netbeans, Visual Studio Code & Visual Studio Code Insiders, FBReader, Xtreme Download Manager, Android Studio, Sayonara

Fixed some icons

Full changelog:

20180214 4 months ago

Updated icons: Clementine (tray icon), gtkpod, MPV, multimedia-player, Pidgin, Psi+, Qt logo, Utilities Tweak Tool, Viber, YaST

Added icons: Bustle, Empathy, Epiphany (game), GSConnect (GNOME Extension), GZDoom, GetIt, Grim Fandango Remastered, HydraPaper, Icon Requests, Jetbrains Toolbox, Kopete, klystrack, LFTP, Media Player Indicator (GNOME Extension), mtPaint, Nutstore, openBVE, org.gajim.Gajim, org.gnome.tweaks, org.zotero.Zotero, Psi, PulseEffects, PyChess, Trelby, Vacuum-IM, WickrMe

Full changelog:

20180201 4 months ago

Added icons:
ArgoUML, Bisq, BlueJ, Bridge Constructor Portal, Cipher, Dippi, EtherApe, Etherwall, Evernote (Chrome app), Fractal, GHex (org.gnome.ghex), GoLand, Harddrake2, Internet DJ Console (Idjc), Kerbal Space Program, Keybase tray icons, LSHW, Manjaro Architect, Manjaro Hello, Marker, Meld (org.gnome.meld), Min Browser, Monilet, OpenBazaar, Photo Viewer (com.github.artemanufrij.showmypictures), quickDocs, Recoll, ResidualVM, Rosa Update, SABnzbd+, SC Controller, Symbolic icons for Arch/Manjaro Update (Gnome extension), Translator (com.github.rapidfingers.translator), Twinkle, WebTorrent (io.webtorrent.WebTorrent), XFCE4 Session, Yad Icon Browser
Updated icons:
AdVenture Capitalist, Caffeine, Downloader Arrow, Godot Engine, Google Agenda, Google Drive, Kvantum, MS Office icons, Preferences System Time, Rock Radio, System Software Update, Ubiquity, Yarock Player, office-calendar & x-office-calendar, qBittorrent, xfce4-whiskermenu
Full changelog:

20180116 5 months ago

Change license from LGPL v3 to GNU GPL v3

Redesign icons:
Printer, Scanner, SpiderOakONE, Torcs, Audio Input Microphone, Gmail, Gmail Offline, Twitter, Accessories Character Map, KRFB, Yandex Browser, GTK 3 Demo, KDEnLive

New icons:
Luminance HDR, Speed Dreams, Wargus, Stargus, Neverball, Neverputt, Translit, Regex Tester, Mupen64 Plus, Zanshin, Gcompris Edit, Elisa Music Player, XnViewMP, FAHControl, Flameshot, HubStaff, Planetary Annihilation: TITANS, Factorio, ScummVM, ATOM RPG: Post-apocalyptic indie game, Euro Truck Simulator 2, Stunt Rally, VDrift, Unturned, Stardew Valley, The Talos Principle, Sakura Dungeon, DVD Styler, Wallpapoz

- Global change WHITE background color from #cccccc to #e4e4e4
- Change status icon nmes for kdeconnect-indicator

Full Changelog:

20171223 5 months ago

New icons:
Bookmark Manager, Bookworm, Bos Wars, Bottles, Calibre (tray icon), Charles Proxy, Chore, Christmas Tree, Chromium-dev Web Browser, Cinelerra, Clipped, Coin, Comic Sticks, Crack-Attack, Date Countdown, DayJournal, Discord (tray icons), Easypass, EVE Online Launcher for Linux, Exchange, Extreme Tux Raccer, Firefox Developer Edition, Football, Frets On Fire and FoFiX, Go For It!, GPXSee, GPX Viewer, Harvey, Image Optimizer, kalu, LibreOfficeDev 6.0, Lottery, LTris, mintreport, MuseIC, News (, Nsight Eclipse Edition, NVIDIA Visual Profiler, Openbox, Oracle JDK 9, Pannini, Performous, Persepolis (tray icon), pgAdmin 4, PHP Tester, Pingus, P.S. Notes., Pushy, QGIS, Qjoypad, Quotes, RocketChat (hardcode tray icons), Sanctum 2, Sequeler, Shutdown Scheduler, SimpleScreenRecorder (empty tray icons), SiriKali, spacemacs_, Spice-Up, Stride Desktop Client, Subsurface, Sudoku, superProductivity, Swatches, Tint2, Tranqil, Tusk (app and tray icons), URM Simulator, ValaCompiler, Viber (Flatpak), Visual Studio Code Insiders, wordpad (2EF4_wordpad.0), Yishu, Zoom
Updated icons:
Birdie, Choqok, Corebird, Money Manager Ex, SVG mime, TeamViewer
Full changelog:

20171124 6 months ago

- Added papirus-folders a tool for changing the color of folders system-wide:
- Juicy Color MOD for other icons
- Add folder-teal versions (Manjaro color)

Redesign apps:
Epiphany, GNOME Tweak Tool, Gnome, Git, Openshot, Synapse, OCS-Store, Vim, Zim, aMule, Ruby mime, Weather

Added icons:
Wolphram Mathematica, Auryo, Feedindicator, Fiji, IceCat, LibreCAD, PPA Extender, ImageJ, ProtonMail Desktop, R-Studio (R-Tools Technology Inc.), Revolt, Tegaki Recognize, gDevilspie, Warzone 2100, Xcas, aLinkCreator, dmd/phobos documentation, StepMania, The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition, artemanufrij.playmyvideos

Full changelog:

20171102 7 months ago

- Global Juicy Color MOD
- New design for: Audacity, Cantata app and panel icons, Clementine, Deja-Dup, Dropbox, Popcorn Time, qutIM, SimpleScreenRecorder, Standard Notes, Temps
- Add some new apps icons

Full changelog:

20171007 8 months ago

Added 16px panel icons #216
Update colored folders #754 #759
Complete support for Folder Color v0.0.80 and newer. Drop support for Folder Color v0.0.79 and older #557 #759
Added violet color of folders. Complete support for dolphin-folder-color #761
Deleted elementaryOS-specific symlinks from all themes except ePapirus 1. Deleted 22px panel icons from ePapirus #785
Now Papirus Light is compatible with Breeze theme #789

Full changelog:

20170921-fix 8 months ago

- upload archive for KDE Settings browser

20170921 8 months ago

- Added Papirus-Adapta and Papirus-Adapta-Nokto. These are a special version for Adapta-gtk-theme and Adapta KDE.
- This release is the last release with Folder Color (<= v0.0.79) support. The next release will only support Folder Color v0.0.80 and newer.
- full changelog here:

20170828 9 months ago

Redesign icons:
Firefox, Firefox Trunk (Nightly) and added alt version, Tor Browser, Gimp, minor fixes for Google Chrome, Chromium & Gpodder

New icons:
Opera Beta, WordPress, Webpin, SRWare Iron Browser, BUM, SportsTracker, Screencast, QtPass, Tranqil, Trello (Chrome App), Hashit, Byobu, Synology Cloud Station Drive, AppEditor, Torrential, Yubico apps, Mellow Player, Netease Cloud Music, Unreal Engine 4, HTTrack, JetBrains Rider & Gogland, Code, Monitor, Waterfox, Brackets-Electron, Hyper, Samba-GUI, BlueGriffon, Logisim, Dash, Terminus, Formatter, Numptyphysics

Added Liferea tray icons for Hardcode-Tray
Added Rhythmbox tray icons for Hardcode-Tray
Added panel icon for Mate msd-xrandr-manager
Added googledrive symlink for Clementine
Fixed disk-usage-analyzer icon
Fixed wrong width/height in symbolic icons
Added complete support for BSD systems to Papirus Installer

20170804 10 months ago

New features:
Updated style of mime icons
Redesign devices with material colors (steel, aluminum, plastic)
Change global "black" color for apps to #4f4f4f

New/redesign icons:
Thunderbird Mail, Rocket League, network-workgroup, applications-featured, flatpak mimes, application-x-bittorrent mime, application-x-iso9660-appimage mime, freeBSD, Karim, Ark and archives icons, Diablo II Lord of Destruction, Dragon Ball Online, Dragon Ball Xenoverse, Eric Python IDE, Fern Wifi Cracker, Frozen Bubble, Giggle, Guitarix, Julia, KNemo, League of Legends, Lollypop symbolic icon, MAT, Mintupload, Mp3splt-gtk, Nmap, PomoDoneApp (Hardcode Tray support), Qsampler, Qsynth, razerCommander, reddit, SmartGit, Starbound, To The Moon, Transmission tray and symbolic icons, Update start-here-kde and start-here-symbolic icons, Virtual MIDI Piano Keyboard, XHydra, Coypu, DevDocs, Albion Online, BlockOut II, Brave, Kobo Deluxe, Linphone, Litecoin Core - Wallet, Lugaru, M.A.R.S., Minetest, Added Xfburn action and media icons, Psensor tray icons and more etc

Gnome symbolic icons:
Caffeine, Freon, Sensors, Internet Radio, Lollypop, system-file-manager

Added icons:
more FlatHub apps, Image Burner, org.gnome.Nautilus-symbolic, Pianoteq, SmartGit/Hg, Tux Racer, Added and fixed a lot of mime icons, Added Xfburn action and media icons, LibreOffice 6.0, some Steam games and etc

Fixed icons:
grsync.svg and system-software-update.svg, Minuet, Spotify, Stremio, xine, Fixed some media-optical icons, Replaced a few mime icons by symlinks, Cleanup place icons

20170715 11 months ago

New design for the following icons #524:
4kslideshowmaker, airvpn, albert, babe, bandcamp, bomber, code-insiders, com.github.donadigo.eddy, crashplan, dconf-editor, evnc, fritzing, gconf-editor, gnome-nibbles, grsync, jabref, kicad,, ms-excel, ms-powerpoint, ms-word, nvidia, system-software-update, trillian, visual-studio-code, xorg, yanadex-disk
New icons:
Added some mime icons: CAD #547 #548, Certificate, Changelog, CSV, Go Lang, Gzip, Haskell, ICC, Lua, Markdown, MATLAB, Octave, Ruby, Rust #532, Scala, SquashFS
applications-accessories #518, applications-haskell #530, applications-utilities, Armagetron Advanced #515, Astromenace #530, Bibletime #527 536, Blobby Volley 2 #523, Curlew, Desmume #530, drive-multidisk, Easystroke #545, Electrum Litecoin Wallet #515, Ethereum Wallet #516, Exaile tray icons, FreeCiv and FreeCiv Server #515, Gnome-Pie tray icon #549, GNS3 #521, Kdenlive #527, KeePassX #524, Krunner, Kube, Kubeplayer, League of Legends #408, libinput-gestures #546, Manaplus #530, MilkyTracker, Moneydance #515, MonoDevelop #517, Network-Modem, Open Cubic Player, PAC #540, Peerunity #515, Persepolis #507, phpMyAdmin #544, Pragha tray icons #512, PuTTY #520, SecureCRT #539, SoundWire Server #505, Super Meat Boy #408, Synergy tray icons #543, uGet app and tray icons #526, Unknown Horizons #515, Updated Mail.Ru Cloud icons, Updated Skype notification tray icons, Updated Yandex Disk icons, Updated YouTube and YouTube-DL icons, VVVVVV #535, Wesnoth #530, Windows distributor logo #509, Xiphos #513
Added icons: IntelliJ IDEA UE Bundled JRE #514, LibreOffice 5.4, lightdm-settings #538, Mixxx #519, NeovimGtk #550, Wire-Desktop
Fixed icons:, Crossover, Dropbox, easyMP3Gain, Flacon, indicator-virtual-box, JuK, KFolderSync, Kid3, Musique, Picard, Plasma, pomodoro-start-light, Qmmp, Rhythmbox, Spotify, text-x-hex, user-desktop, Vectr, Xt7-Player, Deleted Mega icon from panel, Fixed charging battery icon in Pantheon #522, Fixed filenames of Syncthing tray icons, Fixed some 16px apps icons, Fixed video-players icons, Replaced transmission-tray-icon to a symlink

Added Claws Mail themes

20170610 1 year ago

New icons

Babe (kde player)
Boostnote #425
Citrix Receiver (Chrome App) #455
CrossWorks for ARM #421
Entagle #430
Fcitx Sogou Pinyin #424
Gitter tray icons #471
Godot Engine #454
Google Photos (Chrome App)
Groovy #439
Haroopad #429
KDESvn #397
KeeWeb #449
Keybase #478
KeePassXC #428
KMyMoney #384
Lazarus IDE #447
Modem Manager GUI #448
Nimbus #480
OpenTTD #395
PDF-Shuffler #474
Persepolis #442
PokerTH #479
Qalculate! #348
Quilter #480
RHEL and CentOS #360
Selene Media Encoder #482
Standard Notes #457
TeamSpeak #458
Vectr and Vectr Chrome App #380
Wine File Browser #378
Wine Minesweeper #378
Wine Regedit #378
YacReader and YacLibrary #465

Added icons

Emacs25 and Emacs snapshot #469
Glade mimetype icon #461
JDK #445 #446
Notejot #480
nvim and pynvim #444
rxvt-unicode terminal #456
Sakura #466
Tomato #480
Vocal #480
xfce4-pulseaudio-plugin #464

Fixed icons

Fixed network-manager-applet cellular icons #476
GNOME Contacts system76/pop-icon-theme#2

Added some missed icons for deepin Desktop

20170219 1 year ago

New features

Add Manjaro repo

New icons

4K Slideshow Maker #345
MakeMKV #342
Xournal #340

Added icons

Mozilla Build of Firefox #344

Fixed icons

Global fixed CSS's (thx SmartFinn)
Fixed wrong colors in KDE color scheme #343
Fix some clementine icons
rename hardcoded cisco icons

20170218 1 year ago

New features
Folder Color support #337

New icons
applications-utilities redesign
Caffeine tray icons redesign
Chrome Web Store, Chrome Web Store Payments #309
Cisco AnyConnect Client #313
Conky Manager #325
firewall-config #308
FLUID #318
FocusWriter #329
FontForge #315
GNOME Break Timer #320
mkvinfo #306
moserial Terminal #334
nip2 #307
PushBullet for Desktop #310
PushBullet tray icons
Rclone Browser #327
Rocket.Chat #339
Sigil #330
Slingscold #304
Stacer #328
StarUML #316
VBA-M (VisualBoyAdvance) #332
Viking #319
Yaourt-GUI #317

Added icons
FeedReader #336
GNOME Twitch #323
QtIcon #331
Transmission Remote GUI #324
transmission-remote-gtk #335
Yum Extender (DNF) #333

Fixed icons
TortoiseHg, thg

Add Solus to an unofficial packages list

20170118 1 year ago

- change versioning scheme
- add support daily PPA
- redesign folders, system-file-mananger, caja-actions, scantailor
- new colors for folders
- more colors for places icons
- new icons boinc, geogebra, wordpad-wine, dolphin-emu, pdfchain, vidcutter
- symlinks caprine
- fix knetattach, network-wireless panel icons

2017.01.14-r745 1 year ago

- redesign indicator-keyboard-*, steam icons, firefox
- add beta and dev icons for chrome, firefox, vivaldi
- new completed JetBrains icons
- new icons xmind, ndm, gnome-twofactorauth, google-docs, google-agenda, genymotion-player, synfig_icon, electron, gpk-log, gnome-appfolders-manager, photofilmstrip
- symlinks google-youtube, google-gdrive, org.gnome.ChromeGnomeShell, org.gnome.Lollypop, org.gnome.Games, gtk4-widget-factory
- add categories symlinks
- fix folder-mail, Temps, application-x-executable, clamav, calendar, rstudio
- fix wrong color Text CSS on ePapirus panel
- fix tray icon btsync-gui-paused
- hardcoded-tray record-desktop, vivaldi-tray

20170109 1 year ago

- add Papirus-Light icon theme
- new icons whatsapp, draftsight, opera-developer, zegrapher, TeighaViewer, peek, pragha, RetroArch, Temps, zotero, lyricfier, insomnia, gtk4-demo, asc-de
- redesign tray icons ssr & kazam
- hardcode-tray icons hangouts, wechat, whatsapp, fix gpmdp-tray
- other fixes

2K17 1 year ago

- new icons tux, gtkpod, openspades, blueberry
- fix GP6-icon, sound-juicer
- some actions/notifications/status bluetooth icons
- some fixes

20161228 1 year ago

- Add devices 64px
- Add app icons exmplayer, livewallpaper
- Redesign poedit, avatar-default
- Actions icons for poedit
- Fix strokes on some icons
- Support hardcoded-tray harmony, google-play-music-desktop-player

product-maker csfpmomo May 27 2018


product-maker zayronXIO May 24 2018


product-maker dykow May 24 2018


product-maker Kaiz May 12 2018

it So pretty Look in Gnome.

product-maker paulxfce May 12 2018

a + for working on this tremendous icon theme

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Went to download these beautiful icons and realised that they are used by default in Solus! Win!

product-maker reorr Nov 29 2017

product-maker lexcher Nov 25 2017


product-maker samartnik Nov 24 2017

product-maker thegrublord Nov 24 2017

Probably the best icon theme on Linux currently

product-maker bolimage Nov 24 2017

Great theme, thanks.

product-maker lEgreNte Nov 09 2017

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Colors are life! =)

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Great looking. It's obvious that a lot of work has been put into this. Fantastic job.

product-maker daniruiz06 Oct 27 2017

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Almost every day an update, good work!

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Best icon theme. EVER.

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product-maker Fargo Aug 28 2017

Love this icon set. But I do wish the stock folder color was orange or maybe yellow. The blue folders clash with the breeze color scheme of KDE. I think orange or yellow would be a better stock color since it would blend better with both Breeze in Plasma and Adwaita in Gnome apps.

product-maker burlaka Aug 27 2017


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nice theme!

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I love this Icons. Great work!

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