The Aether icon set requires Breeze icons to be installed. This icon set is still in development, and does not yet have icons for all common applications, settings, and devices.

The Aether icon set is based on the ever steadfast Breeze icon set, and the intention is to retain the monochrome action icons from Breeze while injecting a new set of full-colour icons to compliment them. The design makes use of scores, folds, bold colours, and a medium level of detail seeking clean and bold designs.

The vast majority of these icons are entirely original art, with a handful taking matching assets from Breeze and undergoing modification to fit the Aether aesthetic.

Minor update: Added Ktip, also fixed broken install folder


3 months ago

I like this theme very much, thank you for your great work!



3 months ago

Great icon theme! I love that this isn't just another "square" based theme. Although, it is missing some icons such as Geany.



4 months ago

How nice work



6 months ago

nice just because its not another blocky/round touch icon theme or OSX-rip



6 months ago

Are you going to focus on plasma alone?




5 months ago

Initially KDE-related icons will be targeted, but already I've been adding icons and shortcuts for non-KDE images as well, including several very common icons I specifically researched from Gnome-oriented sets.

I'd really like to see this theme be installable on just about anything. Plasma and KDE will be the main focus and #1 area to have extremely polished, but plenty of love will go to other environments.



6 months ago

Very good work... I like it so much...


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I like this theme very much, thank you for your great work!

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