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This theme has been edited to have a much more Macish look. The original author has done a brilliant in establishing a firm base!

New leopard like traffic lights for active windows. The inactive windows now have greyed buttons. Small changes here and there to make it look more like Leopard.

This also works with beryl + emerald.
Basically it needs Emerald theme engine, compiz or beryl is immaterial.

The whole pack can be downloaded from:

A new version 0.3 of Mac4Lin has just been released. Do check it out. Its bigger, better and more refined! This is a part of the new release.


9 years ago

How does one go about disabling the glass effects on the dock?



9 years ago

It would be nice to have an ubuntu deb package for this theme. This way if there are updates they can automatically be installed by the update manager.



9 years ago


I want to download this Mac4in leopard for my ubuntu gutsy gibbon (7.10). so how do i do this?



9 years ago

Download this, goto the Appearances dialog and install this theme.

If you download the whole Mac4Lin pack, except the icon theme everything else will work. Just download the PDF documentation which has illustrated installation instructions, some steps maybe different due to a newer version of GNOME (2.20) But I guess you can figure it out yourself. It shouldn't be tuff.

Since I don't use Gusty I hafnt compiled any Howto for it.


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