Change the way you look at your desktop. Get carefully crafted, bright and clean icon-theme for Gnome Desktop.
Shadow is a flat icon-theme for gnome 3.10+. The icons have a colourful circular base with long shadow.

New: png version for non-gtk de, e.g. KDE is updated at 2018-01-08
This will be updated once every month. Some icons may be missing. Kindly inform me if you find some such ommissions. Please add proper tag("pngs") in github. This is an experimental update. Please contact me directly for any problem. I request you not to give -ve vote based on the behaviour of this component.

New in version 4.x:
Ready for gnome 3.28
Mate support. Pantheon (default in elementary) support coming soon. I don't use those de personally. So, if you find icons are missing, kindly let me know at
tar.xz file structure has changed. untar it directly inside the already existing shadow dir, or create the shadow dir first

Folders with multiple colours.
Stay updated, stay tuned.

As of version 4, it contains 980+ apps icon , total 2200+ unique icons and counting.

Beside most popular apps, this iconset also includes some uncommon apps, used by very specific groups like xmgrace, xcrysden.

Installation in straight forward.
From Github: git clone the content to ~/.icon folder.
From Download and untar the file in ~/.icon folder.

Activate the theme using tweak-tool or from command line:
`gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.interface icon-theme "shadow"`

Instruction for Mate and elementary Desktop Environment
The is completely re-written. You will have option to choose your de (gnome/mate/pantheon/unity) and colour independent of each other.
Kindly let me know if you face any problem in running `` (preferably in github)

Whats New
~30 new and modified icons.

New Icon Request:
Don't hesitate to contact me if you want new icons to be themed.
Please request at and add label "Icon request". I will try my best to theme the icons.

Coffee and Cookies
If you like the theme, don't forget to upvote it at gnome-look.
If you really like the theme, please consider me a coffee.
Last changelog:

4.5.3 2 days ago

47 new/reimagined icons for status


14 days ago

great icon



15 days ago

This is cool icon theme. I like the shadow and paper like design.



3 months ago

Awesome icon theme, please add icons for popcorn time and mixxx, thanks and keep good work.




3 months ago

Hi, Thanks for your encouraging words. Please, can you post the corresponding .desktop file (preferably in github)? This is important because popcorntime is already themed. So there might be some mismatch in name. I will update the mixxx ASAP. Thanks



3 months ago

-fr- Super Thème !!!!!



4 months ago

Great-looking icon set, one of the most comprehensive collections and new icon requests are handled almost immediately!



4 months ago

Looks really great and new icon requests are completed insanely fast!



2 months ago

A shadow is a dark area where light from a light source is blocked by an opaque object.



7 months ago

Team is a very skilled in computer science and all the programming languages.



11 months ago

Very nice Icons ;) but i am missing the icons discord, arronax , openttd , minecraft , hedgewars , mega sync , openmw launcher, xonotic , xboard ,k3b and minetest




11 months ago

Hi, thanks for your comment. Can you please put it in github with the corresponding . desktop files?




11 months ago

Hi, I have included 8 of your request in my weekly update. You would like to update.



1 year ago

Gracias amigo, buen trabajo / Thanks friend, good work!



1 year ago

While I like most of the theme, the huge gnome foot on the folder icons kinda ruins it for me. :/




1 year ago

Hi, Thnaks for your comments. I have updated the "places" icons. Please check if that suits you better.



2 months ago

Hi Barud, I really like your icon set but I have to agree with Davikar there - the gnome foot is really not to my fancy. Have you considered removing it, or making an alternate version (with regards to folder icons)? The amount of work you've put in is very impressive.



1 year ago

All who speak with enthusiasm about the subject simply did not see Ardis. Here, all the icons a bit unclear. They made as it is uncertain. Sometimes svg file, there is a huge trailer, the picture from another website, etc.
If GTK3 these icons can someone seem more personal, they look downright rude in MATE.

Certainly it is necessary to respect the work of the author, but to say that this is the best theme in flat-style with shadows - no way.
It is better to hammer in search Ardis and you'll see how you like real professional icons in this flat style.

P.S. If anyone really need the shadow turn left, then I can expand a shadow Ardis in one day on the left. Cut the white frame and export the entire theme png, to make it work on older machines and qt.



1 year ago

wow, it takes a huge load of narcissism to think that his own theme is better in any way...



1 year ago

Ardis is not my themes. Ardis created by KotusWorks. Why do not I believe the best shadow theme? Look at this screenshot:

The MATE shadow does not look very good. In an open Inkscape you can see the trailer in svg. Good idea, but the execution is uncertain.




1 year ago

Both are awesome! Support each other, share ideas and be creative. The community has room to support all creators.



1 year ago

ugly, the theme misses tiny sizes so every icon other than 256x256 px will become blurry as hell



1 year ago

another flat, borderless material wannabe icon theme that nobody needs



1 year ago

There's no need to be rude, if you don't like it don't download it. Personally, I like these icons and there's no rule about who must need or not need each style of icon



8 months ago

Wow, it must be an incredible burden to look at someone else's work. Thanks for your contribution



1 year ago

I must honestly say this is the best icon theme i've ever tried! So slick icons


4.5.3 2 days ago

47 new/reimagined icons for status

4.5.2 7 days ago

~45 new/modified icons for better integration with mate and panatheon de.

4.5 15 days ago

New year with 17 new/modified icons

4.3.2 29 days ago

many new icons

4.3.1 1 month ago

places_square got some love after 9 months, colours changed and total 80+ new/modified icons

4.2.2 1 month ago

minor update

4.2.1 1 month ago

10+ new/reimagined status icons

4.2 1 month ago

16 new and reimagined icons

4.1.1 1 month ago

minor modification and typechange to handle different de better

4.0 2 months ago

Support for MATE desktop environment.

3.6.1 2 months ago

27 new/modified icons

3.5.2 2 months ago

10+ new icons

3.5 4 months ago

New icons for Ubuntu gnome and science category.

3.4.7 5 months ago

5 new icons, as per requests

3.4.6 5 months ago

Closes #92

3.4.5 5 months ago

Closes #90, #91

3.4.3 6 months ago

Closes #86, #88, #89

3.4.2 6 months ago

10 new icons

3.4.1 7 months ago

Few icons modified, following original icon colors more closely

3.4 7 months ago

10+ files modified; version merged with git

3.3 8 months ago

many small modifications

3.0 10 months ago

MAJOR UPDATE: Folders with multiple colors.
Besides the normal blue folder, now you can choose places icons (folders) from 3 gems: emerald, ruby and sapphire.

2.7.3 11 months ago

Weekly update: ~10 new icons

2.7 1 year ago

50+ new icons added; mostly symbolic and emotes.

2.6.1 1 year ago

10+ New icons added.

v2.6 1 year ago

many new icons, modifications

2.5.1 1 year ago


2.5 1 year ago

"places" modified

2.2.2 1 year ago

Getting ready for Gnome 3.22

v2.2.1 1 year ago

10+ new icons; closes #44 at github

v2.2 1 year ago

Skype for Linux (alpha) added

v2.1.2 1 year ago

Some modifications, minor update

v2.1.1 1 year ago

Most of #42; ~20 new/modified icons

v2.1 1 year ago

~60 new icons specially for Ubuntu top bar

v2.0.1 1 year ago

~10 icons added

v2.0 1 year ago

Mimetypes, symbolic Icons and many other update

1 year ago

v1.7.3 some modification and updates
v1.7.2 ~10 new icons added
v1.7 DBusActivatable names for gnome 3.20, new icons
v1.6.3 Few modifications and new icons.
v1.6 Circular folder icons are added and default.
v1.5.2 closes #16, #17 and #18 of ithub
v1.5.1 Many new icons added
v1.5 Weather Icons added
v1.4.3 New icons added; many icons modified
v1.4.2 Wine files added (from default wine installation of fedora 23)
v1.4.1 15 new icons added. Closes issue#9
v1.4 Support for ubuntu-unity is added.
v1.3 All apps for ubuntu-gnome 15.10 default installation done
v1.2.6.1 20+ icons updated
v1.2.6 20+ icons added. See
v1.2.5 New icons and mimetypes added
v1.2.4.2 ~20 new icons added
v1.2.4.2 Minor bugfixes and new icons added
v1.2.4.1 New icons for gnome 3.18 added
v1.2.4. ~20 new icons added
v1.2.3. Maintenance release
v1.2.2. ~50 icons added
v1.2. 100+ new icons
v1.1. 120 new icons added
v1.0. 150+ icons added
v0.6.1. 40+ new Icons added
v0.6. Icons added
v0.5. preferences icons added
v0.4. status icons added
v0.3. apps added
v0.2. size directories added
v0.1. Initial commit

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great icon

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product-maker linux-green Sep 28 2017

-fr- Super Thème !!!!!

product-maker fezallykeba Sep 07 2017

product-maker delta1071 Aug 25 2017

Great-looking icon set, one of the most comprehensive collections and new icon requests are handled almost immediately!

product-maker dyttiterif Aug 25 2017

product-maker paulq Aug 25 2017

Looks really great and new icon requests are completed insanely fast!

product-maker Romewess Aug 22 2017

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