Old Lila Theme on a Gentoo-iBook with KDE3 (2005)
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I was pushing that theme in the late ~2006, we even created a #lila channel on Freenode etc.

As of today all the URLs that I know are gone:

I can hardly find any more than 1 or 2 result on Google anymore. I know the Lila theme was not maintained anymore. I still have my old screenshots when I was using Lila on my Gentoo-iBookG3 in 2005... never had such a sleek icon set anymore. I have to admit that today I'm not even sure which iconset I had choosen on Xfce, it is Adwaita, nothing special.

Too bad, the Lila Theme is not maintained for a long time anymore. Looking around if old Lila Theme is hosted somewhere I found some residuals here on Gnome-Look.

I found some old screenshot of the year 2005 from my Apple iBook G3 (hostname marialin), running Gentoo with KDE3 and the full Lila Theme for icons, xmms and gkrellm...
In loving memory, none of them exists anymore, the hardware and the theming..


3 months ago

i registered just so i could tell you that all the lila themes and pictures are up on archive.org by searching your urls you left

check it out! http://web.archive.org/web/20050205114450/http://lila-theme.uni.cc:80/index.php?page=downloads#tarballs

thanks for the awesome theme-lead i love nostalgic computer stuff like this hit me on twitter (at)lope_dog



3 months ago

Thank you very much, I enjoyed looking at some of the old screenshots. However the website in the archive looks broken and even most of the screenshots links to .png don't work anymore, some do.


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