Flat-Remix is licensed under the GNU General Public License v3.0

# Github:

Flat remix is a pretty simple icon theme inspired on material design. It is mostly flat with some shadows, highlights and gradients for some depth and uses a colorful palette with nice contrasts.

It has been designed on gnome shell 3.24 but it should work with most linux distributions, under gnome, unity, cinnammon, xfce, kde, etc.

This theme was made to fit with the Flat Remix GNOME theme:

### Installation

1. Download and uncompress the zip file.
2. Move "Flat Remix" folder to ".icons" in your home directory.
3. Select "Flat Remix" as icon theme in your tweak tools application.

# Donate
You can also support the development of Flat Remix by donating. You know... working with coffee is always better :)
(remove "amp;" from the url. gnome-look has an error that modifies the urls.)

Bitcoin Wallet: 1K4RhLu7u5xGheWrLAnMPhF2mTA7oMCMj4
Last changelog:

[1.26] 3 months ago

Theme updated for Gnome Shell 3.24 with some new icons


1 month ago

While I like what you did with this icon theme, I must say there is room for improvement. This is my desktop with it: Bottom right corner, see that black button? We could use a red/colored shut down button. Also, your preview shows a new Twitter icon, which I expected to replace Corebird's (ugly) icon.
As a suggestion, you could submit your icons to Noobslad's Icons PPA, so that we can get it to update as soon as you release a new version.
Keep up the great work.



1 month ago

Muito bacana esses ícones, modernos e muito bonitos. Show!!!



1 month ago

Muito obrigado!



1 month ago

what software did you use to make this?



1 month ago

All the icons were made with Inkscape



1 month ago

how do you feel about that?



1 month ago

I feel right. You are free to dislike it.



2 months ago

Great theme, thanks!



2 months ago

you're welcome :)



5 months ago

really nice thank you.



6 months ago

I absolutely love this theme I've been looking for something that looks great systemwide while also covering up nautilus ugly system icon



7 months ago

nice icons keep up the good work



10 months ago

Sweet icons! first time trying and all works smooth, and is an active project witch is very nice to.
thanks and cheers!



10 months ago

Thank you so much :)



11 months ago

i registered me to this site especially to say "Thank you for this great icon set!". This is one of the nicest sets.
But i noticed the icons for LibreOffice (LO) are showing the icons for Word, Excel, ppt, etc. I think this would be nice to see here the original LO-icons. The second point is, the "office-category" uses the Word-Icon. Is this correct? Is there no icon for generally Office? The last point: The Mail-Icon in the panel next the clock is an bell-icon. Is this also correct? By the way. I donated some cups of coffee for you to keep this good work on :-) Best regards from germany, Etamuk
Using Ubuntu MATE 16.10, Arc theme with Flat Remix icon theme



11 months ago

incidentally: you don't need to send my some candies. Spare your money :-D



11 months ago

First of all thank you so much your donation. It helps me to follow with this project. About the problems that you described could you send me some screenshots so that I can find where the error is. My email is



11 months ago

hi, where can i get the wallpapers??



11 months ago

great stuff



11 months ago

Hi, your icon pack is awesome, buat i found a little bug at the terminal titlebar icon, it seem to be oversized. And also I found that my files icon is using default icon set instead of you icon pack.
Can you fix it? Or you can tell me what to do so I can fix it myself. Thanks in advance :D



1 year ago

Hi there guys, I need help, it doesn't works on gnome 3.20, there's some way to fix this?

I'm using Debian stretch/sid, thanks...



10 months ago

I don't understand why. I've been designing them since gnome 3.16 to gnome 3.22 and I had no problem



1 year ago

Could you make "Power Manager Plugin" icon which is in the taskbar not colored? Like the bluetooth or volume.
Also could you make megasync icon to your theme?



1 year ago

awesome thanks



1 year ago

Love this Icon theme
Hate those Libre Office icons


[1.26] 3 months ago

Theme updated for Gnome Shell 3.24 with some new icons

[1.22] 10 months ago

Finished all device icons

1.21 10 months ago

minor changes in some app icons

[1.20] 10 months ago

Big enough update. Some of the most important icons have been redesigned with a few new colours. Lots of icons added and new logo.

[1.10] 11 months ago

Emmmm.... :)
Nothing else to say

1 year ago

I'm back again! Specially some icon fixes and a few new designs

Finally fixed panel icons (for unity, elementary, xfce...)
Some apps added or modified such as accerciser, codeblocks, deluge, kate, krita, marble, wxmaxima, showfoto and vivaldi.

Around 100 mimetype icons added.
New action icons.
Some new app icons such as krita, variety or swell-foop

Some added or improved icons: Geany, eclipse, builder, lollypop, anjuta, settings, gitg, contacts, minecraft, minetest, goat simulator, metro redux, maps, surgeon simulator, team fortress, character map, orca...

Improved some app icons

New places icons
Some new app and mimetype icons

New mimetype and device icons.
New application icons.

New calculator, calendar, software-center, cheese, chromium and gimp icons

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Great theme, thanks!

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