Volunteer Experts for programming videotutorials? [Request]
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I planned to post these request here because there are so many expert developers here and I want to start to coding for the GNOME/Plasma Desktop Environments but on internet I found only document pages that show some examples, but no video tutorials for the beginners that shows the whole process behind the programmation for the Desktop Environment. Then, I realized that is really important thing to ask to the Linux Community.

Because, many people are able to learn more easily If they are able to see the entire process and tecniques with their own eyes. So, I think it's really important to ask, If there are interested expert users, Developers or Contributors that have their own Channel and want to share with the people their experience to teach us how to start to programing for GNU/Linux.

Think about that: more programmers = more help, more implementations and stability, more ideas, more projects, more contributors and more support = much better GNU/Linux Distros for every person!

If you are interested, these are the suggested ideas for Videotutorials these are the newbie problems that are a difficoult step to exceed without a learning guide:

How to chose the correct programming language for any porpouses?
How to open, recognize, include and modify some DE components/objects?
How to upload the packages to git and syncronize all them to the various repositories?
How to preview the customized files and functionalities on the system?
How to compatibilize the objects and solve some problems?
How to report the system problems to the developers?

And how to exactly create from the beginning to the ending:

- Extensions
- Complete Themes
- Color Skins
- Icon sets
- Aurorae Themes
- Splashscreens
- Cursors
- Addons
- Applets
- Fonts
- System sounds
etc.. ?

I hope these post It will not removed. Anyway, consider these as a new Idea for the Linux Communiy! :) ;)
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