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Terminal Apps by electrolex
Right context menu entries for creating sha512 checksums for Kubuntu *you need to make the scripts executable before using "chmod +x *" [1] Copy the .desktop files to the following path: /home/*****/.local/share/kservices5/ServiceMenus/ [2] Copy the *.sh files to...
hash sha512 software app
5 .0
May 30 2020

AppImage Installer

Terminal Apps by azubieta
Allows to search, install, remove and update Appimages from easily via a terminal
software app appimage cli
6 .0
May 06 2020


Terminal Apps by Sourav
[color=#FFDF1F]C[/color][color=#FFBF3F]o[/color][color=#FF9F5F]w[/color][color=#FF7F7F]s[/color][color=#BF5F9F]p[/color][color=#7F3FBF]e[/color][color=#3F1FDF]a[/color][color=#0000FF]k[/color]: Display a colourful animal with a random quote or your own text. [b]Usage:[/b] Run...
software app cowspeak
5 .0
Mar 24 2020


Terminal Apps by paledegax
Sterm is sulincix's terminal. Source code avaiable from:
terminal sterm linux software app
5 .0
Feb 27 2020

Simple Message of the Day for Debian-Based Desktops Servers

Terminal Apps by angelad
Pretty up your terminal / CLI window with ascii art and informational snippets about your system. - Prettify your terminal with ASCII art and informational statistics on each terminal launch - Does not interfere with any system-based MOTD you may have set (/etc/motd) -...
terminal motd systeminfo cli software app
5 .0
Oct 01 2019


Terminal Apps by simonizor
appimages, I am not the developer.
kitty terminal appimage software app
5 .0
Aug 30 2019

Xiaomi Flashable Firmware Creator

Terminal Apps by yshalsager
Xiaomi Flashable Firmware Creator is a command-line tool to generate flash-able firmware-update packages for Xiaomi devices, extracted from official MIUI ROMS. It supports creating untouched firmware, non-arb firmware, firmware + vendor flash-able zip, and firmware-less...
software app
5 .0
Jul 09 2019

Undamage App [macOS]

Terminal Apps by Markospoko
Undamage App could be handy in case you can't launch app because of "damaged and can't be opened
software app damaged launch start run macos
5 .0
May 17 2019


Terminal Apps by hb882
: This is only to provide appimages, I am not the developer.
software app
6 .7
Jan 06 2019


Terminal Apps by hb882
to provide appimages, I am not the developer.
software app
5 .0
Dec 27 2018