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Various Games by ElThoro
=]Windows, ReactOS, macOS (untested), AppImage[/url
puzzle game pentomino app software
6 .3
22 hours ago


Utilities by nick87720z
Daemon for adaptive backlight, using web camera as light sensor. Features: - no systemd dependency - effective: up to 30fps for camera input without notable performance losses - no need for X, backlight is controlled via ACPI (though xbacklight is supported too) - auto-restart on...
backlight adaptive ambient software app
5 .0
Nov 26 2020


Science by haylem
Calculadora de resistencias 4 bandas para la terminal.
calcresist linux source resistor calculator software app
6 .0
Nov 17 2020


P2P & Torrent by zlatinb
Easy Anonymous File-Sharing using I2P technology MuWire is a file publishing and networking tool that protects the identity of its users by using I2P technology. Anyone with a desktop computer and an internet connection can create a unique anonymous online persona and publish information of...
p2p i2p software app
6 .0
Nov 11 2020


Internet Apps by haylem
RainbowHack es un programa que te permite crackear redes WPA/WPA2 con/sin diccionario usando un handshake y tablas rainbow de claves pecomputadas. Este no requiere gran espacio en disco puesto que puede generar bloques de 1000000 de passwords y procesarlos rapidamente. He comprobado que es muy...
rainbow table wpa crack haylem software app
5 .0
Nov 11 2020


Internet Apps by haylem
Crackaw es una sencilla herramienta de consola para crackear claves wpa/wpa2 Puede compilar crackaw con el archivo main.c gcc main.c -o /usr/local/sbin/crackaw o bien instalarlo desde su paquete .deb si instala desde las fuentes con solo teclear crackaw como root le aparece un...
crackaw wpa crack hack haylem software app
5 .0
Nov 11 2020


Music Production by rncbc
Qtractor is an audio/MIDI multi-track sequencer application written in C++ with the Qt framework
app software audio production
8 .3
Oct 30 2020


Education Apps by SeeLook
Nootka is open-source application to help with learning (also with teaching) classical score
music tutor guitar score app software
8 .0
Oct 22 2020


TV & Streaming by AJSlye
A multi-platform desktop app for finding movies and TV shows. NOTE: This is only to provide
software app
5 .0
Oct 06 2020

Imaginary Teleprompter

Graphic Apps by AJSlye
The most complete and professional free software teleprompter application. Built with web
software app
5 .0
Oct 06 2020