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Chat & Messenging by JanKusanagi
AkariXB is a bot for the decentralized [b]Jabber/XMPP[/b] network ( ), with a GUI. It's currently in the early-ish development stage, but it can already do several things, like (auto)joining MUC rooms and replying to commands. Several types of custom commands can be created,...
app software jabber xmpp bot gui
5 .0
Jun 22 2019

Firefox Instagram autolike

Browser by vinsce
Instagram Auto-like extension for Firefox written using Firefox WebExtensions APIs. - Install the extension ( web-ext-artifacts/ig_autolike-XXX.xpi ); - Open a page in the form: - - where YAZZY is the tag of the photos you want to like; or - -...
app software instagram social bot firefox extension
5 .0
Dec 09 2016